Patient Order Sets

The right medical knowledge, right at your fingertips

Order Sets are sophisticated medical checklists that offer evidence-based treatment options in a single, user-friendly interface. Developed by our multi-disciplinary clinical team, these support tools are designed to fit naturally to your health care organization’s unique workflows. Available in multiple formats, Patient Order Sets is your complete solution to putting best practices into action.

Facilitate decision making and speed up the delivery of care

Spend more time with your patients and less with your notepad. We structure knowledge to make it easier and faster to engage with.

Setting a single standard of care

Delivering the highest quality of care consistently can be challenging. We do the work for you. Our custom Order Sets include the latest medical research, industry best-practices and clinical standards, and have have been contextualized to your local practice realities.

Accessible anywhere, anytime

Our web-based platform allows you to access your order sets from anywhere. Multiple redundancies ensure you can access your tools when systems fail. Staying connected with your care team has never been easier.

A modern tool for a high-performing health care system

Gone are the days of relying on memory or out-of-date information. Patient order sets provides critical information to help clinicians make the best decisions about their patients care.

Today’s health care systems require a modern approach to maintaining high quality care for its communities. When clinicians use Order Sets, patients receive smarter, faster treatment options and produce better outcomes.

Key Features

  • Auto-populated patient information
  • Embedded logic for increased safety and speed
  • Structured clinical modules
  • Real-time data collection
  • Printer-friendly design
  • Multi-format content adaptable to any workflow

Expert evidence-based clinical content

Think Research provides libraries of thousands of Order Sets that are designed for deployment in specific clinical settings: acute care hospitals, long-term care, complex continuing care, and other phases of the care continuum.

Our expert team of medical researchers, physicians and nurses has partnered with leading health care associations and industry thought leaders to incorporate the most up-to-date medical research and best practices. As new research is published, our team reviews and updates the Order Sets to ensure clinicians are always getting the leading expert guidance at the bedside.

Brilliant insight into ordering behaviours

See what’s happening in your care facility with Spotlight, our data analytics application. Gain valuable insight into clinician practices, performance trends, patient demographics and more with real-time updates.

Track your organization’s progress towards quality improvement initiatives with specialized features, including: Order Set heat maps, bar graph and user patterns.



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Customized project support

Solutions for health care are never a one size fits all. That’s why we start with our expert clinical content and powerful software tools, then customize the solution to your local geographical and organizational needs. During our hands-on implementation process, our teams of Clinical Research and Development experts, Quality Assurance Specialists, Document Specialists, Clinical IT Specialists and Project Managers partner with your clinicians and staff to ensure the right goals are achieved.

Available on the EntryPoint Platform

Patient Order Sets is available exclusively on EntryPoint, our privacy-compliant cloud-based platform that supports our suite of health care applications. With EntryPoint, patient information, documents and software applications are easily accessible from any workstation or mobile device. EntryPoint includes smart search tools, includes real-time clinical data, and fits naturally into clinical workflows.

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