Making it easy for clinicians to manage patients anywhere, anytime, on any device

VirtualCare connects you to your patients by phone, video, or chat. It keeps track of all your patient’s personal health information and appointments.



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VirtualCare gives patients the tools to control their health, and clinicians the tools to provide the best possible care

Think Research brings its extensive library of clinical protocols and workflow solutions through our VirtualCare platform. Our platform goes beyond other solutions, enabling a flexible workflow engine, adapting to various clinical settings, and integrating existing EMR assets.

Clinical Decision Support

Our comprehensive library of (evidence-based) clinical decision support tools allows clinicians, physicians, nurses and allied health clinicians to follow best practice guidelines to triage patients. Visual prompts intelligently guide patients, while clinicians benefit from a library of protocols to help guide their decision making. At the end of a virtual visit, patients can be provided material to help manage their condition.


Leverage existing technology assets. Integrate your existing EMR scheduling system to help manage clinical support staff and physicians, and choose between a variety of consultation formats (video, audio, chat, secure messaging) based on the needs of the patient.

Enable New Business Models

VirtualCare adapts to many workflows and clinical settings. Choose from our vast clinical library of acute, rehab, mental health, long-term care and emergency protocols to build a solution that meets your clinical requirements.

A powerful virtual care platform meeting the needs of clinicians across the continuum of care

Whether it’s long-term care, a family clinic or a regional program, clients with this platform will benefit from:

  • Flexible Scheduling
    By integrating with the EMR’s existing scheduling modules, scheduling for physicians is even easier. Allows for both on-call or calendar based queuing models.
  • Comprehensive and Structured Clinical Notes
    Think Research’s embedded Progress Notes allows clinicians to take interdisciplinary notes in real-time. The purpose-built clinical structure further enables clinicians to share context making notes, easy to understand and easy to share.
  • Analytics
    Our analytics tool Spotlight will help you gain real-time clinical and demographic insights across all phases of care. Analyze patterns in clinical practice, service trends, population health, public health, applications of best practices, resource utilization, and other quality indicators to help improve the delivery of virtual care.
  • Mobile and Interactive
    Device agnostic, both clinicians and patients can choose where and when they want to be treated without any limitations or restrictions.
  • Patient-Centric Clinical Information
    Provide patients 24/7 access to their clinical information.



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