Electronic Admission Agreements

Digital versions of your admission agreements

Tired of filling out hundreds of forms by hand, copying them and sending them to various places using costly courier services? Electronic Admission Agreements are digitized copies of your existing admission agreements, optimized for digital information entry, incorporating electronic signature fields, and point-and-click functionality. The product looks and flows just like the forms your organization already uses, but offers key time and cost saving functionalities

Paperless and paper-like

We know you’re accustomed to forms looking a certain way. That’s why we take your paper forms and create an identical electronic version. Let our team of specilists do the heavy lifting for you.

Clear and Efficient Documentation

A typical paper admission form workflow follows a tedious series of steps requiring manual entry, handling, checking and transporting documents between concerned parties. Electronic admission agreements provides users with an intuitive, seamless workflow for clearer and more efficient form completion while virtually eliminating form errors.

Tracks practice in real time

Electronic Admission Agreements are backed by powerful analytics that provide unprecedented real-time insight into every aspect of clinical practice. Customizable dashboards allow visibility into high-level practice trends down to specific form data, granting administrators the information they need to streamline practices and deliver the highest quality of care for the best value.

Ease of Access and Distribution

Electronic Admission Agreements are available exclusively on EntryPoint, our secure cloud-based platform. EntryPoint can be seamlessly integrated with any Health IT system, ensuring that your library of documents are available where you want them, when you need them. Completed forms can then be digitally signed and sent directly to processing, to another department or posted for further review.

Key Features

  • Automatic data population of facility and patient information
  • Embedded logic including drop-down menus, radio buttons, mandatory fields, default fields, parent-child logic, and more
  • Securely authenticated upon submission and properly time and date stamped
  • Send completed forms to other departments
  • Track and evaluate progress of form usage with real-time data and analytics

Immediate Impacts

  • Eliminate paper, supply and delivery costs
  • Improves and automates process to reduce need of manual input
  • Increases efficiencies with quick, easy and legible agreements
  • Accessible anytime, anywhere, including off-site
  • Mitigate risks associated with incomplete admission agreements

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