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EntryPoint eForms: Complete Forms Online Quickly and Accurately

EntryPoint eForms is a web-based forms solution that allows clinicians to access and complete forms anywhere there is an internet connection, including on mobile devices. eForms modernizes workflows by digitizing the process of assigning, completing, and submitting forms with a workflow engine that provides automatic processing of submitted forms—such as auto-fax and digital file transfers—that increases organizational efficiency.

eForms will help ensure forms are consistently and accurately completed with built in logic. Features include: mandatory fields, multi-select checkboxes, radio buttons (for mutually exclusive selections), drop down lists, calendar fields, and parent-child restrictions. Multiple users can provide input into a single form and form fields can be pre-populated from a health information system or EMR. will work with your clinical and technical teams to build optimal form design that best supports your organization’s workflows.

EntryPoint eForms uses the cloud based EntryPoint platform so there is no software to install, saving space on local servers and workstations. EntryPoint eForms can work with any existing paper based form and the conversion process is handled by within one business day. The eForms solution uses EntryPoint’s intuitive user interface which is designed to save time and improve efficiency.

If you are interested to find out how EntryPoint eForms can be implemented at your organization, please contact us for a demo.

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