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Modernizing Health Canada’s First Nations Clinical Practice Guidelines

Health Canada’s First Nations Inuit Health Branch (FNIHB) has selected Think Research to modernize their 385 nurse-based Clinical Practice Guidelines (CPGs).

The CPGs have been designed to support primary care nursing practice in over 200 rural and remote communities across Canada, and cover a wide-range of chronic and acute conditions. Each CPG is developed with adherence to the latest evidence, and is designed to help address the unique challenges of care delivery in an isolated environment. The CPGs play an important role in defining the scope of practice of a community health nurse in First Nations and Inuit Health Branch nursing stations. There are 75 of these nursing stations dotted across Canada’s north that make use of the CPGs.

“We deliver evidence to the point of care, effectively. Whether that’s in an urban hospital or in a remote nursing station. We’re proud of this partnership with FNIHB. With it, we’ve added full French language capacity, and we add full primary care expertise to our team to complement acute and long-term care.” said Dylan Hardy, Chief Operating Officer at Think Research.

As experts in the acute and long-term care spaces, we find that we are increasingly called upon to work on primary care projects. Our work with the RNAO and Family Health Teams throughout Ontario has prepared us well for this new endeavour with FNIHB. As they say, you go where the action is, and we are enthusiastically applying lessons learned to our next target market: primary care.

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