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MED-PASS and Think Research to launch eMED-PASS Application on EntryPoint

Through a partnership, Think Research and MED-PASS announce the launch of the eMED-PASS application on the EntryPoint platform. eMED-PASS will be available to long-term care and skilled nursing facilities across the United States this spring. eMED-PASS, an enterprise eForms application, will automate the collection of MED-PASS clinical information on tablets and computers.

MED-PASS is a recognized industry leader in documentation resources, with their extensive clinical forms library, in senior care markets, including long-term care, assisted living and home health. Digitizing their existing library has become a priority for MED-PASS due to the increased adoption of the Electronic Medical Record (EMR) and the need for clinical analytics from the clinical forms in long-term care facilities.

eMED-PASS will empower health care providers by providing them with the ability to document forms electronically and benefit from time-saving functionality. Additionally, the user interface will have the familiar look of the MED-PASS paper-based forms, making the transition to the electronic application easy for users. Moreover, a variety of integration options will be available from basic to full integrations with single sign-on and seamless communication between a given EMR and the eMED-PASS application.

For more information, please contact Brynne Eaton-Auva’a at brynne.eaton-auva’

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