has undertaken a project in partnership with KPMG LLP, a world-renowned consulting company, for the development of training sessions for implementing Ontario’s new Quality Based Procedures (QBPs), to be delivered by the Ontario Hospital Association (OHA). The QBPs are a new evidence based funding model from Ontario’s Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care that shifts funding from a volume based model to a more patient-based approach.

The QBP training sessions under development are targeted sessions that aim to help hospital leadership better understand the challenges associated with shifting processes to comply with evidence based approaches. Drawing on both the concrete recommendations made by the Ministry in the QBP Clinical Handbooks—documents that describe what evidence based approaches will be funded under the new model—and the extensive experience’s team has accrued across hundreds of projects, the sessions will help hospital leaders effectively plan projects and support their clinicians during this shift.

The sessions are currently under development and are scheduled to be run throughout the late summer and early fall.