On Monday, October 7th, PatientOrderSets.com was pleased to welcome Ontario’s Minister of Research and Innovation, Dr. Reza Moridi to our offices in downtown Toronto where he met the team and learned about our applications.

The Innovation Minister, Dr. Moridi, took the opportunity to address our company and offer words of support. Specifically, he mentioned the leading role PatientOrderSets.com plays in innovating in the field of health technology in our province and praised our successes both in Canada and looking internationally. He also acknowledged the role we play in quality improvement and cost control in health care.

Premier Kathleen Wynne appointed Dr. Moridi to his current position in February of 2013. He has also served as the Parliamentary Assistant to the Minister of Training, Colleges and Universities and the Minister of Energy. In his current post, Dr. Moridi supports world-class research, commercialization and innovation taking place across Ontario through a range of programs and services like the Ontario Research Fund, Innovation Demonstration Fund and Ontario Venture Capital Fund.

It was an honour to have Dr. Moridi take the time to meet with us and we look forward to continuing to play a leading role in research and innovation in Ontario.