has begun deployments of our order sets solutions with our first hospitals in India. These projects bring our evidence based solution to an international clientele focused on implementing best practices in the international health care context. Following on from Founder Dr. Chris O’Connor’s recent tour of various Indian facilities and presentation at the Transforming Healthcare with IT conference, these projects are an exciting opportunity to engage leaders in an emerging health care environment.

These projects are being rolled out at two Indian Hospitals: Kerala Institute of Medical Sciences (KIMS) and Fortis Hospital, Mohali. KIMS is one of Asia’s leading tertiary care hospitals, housing 600 beds in a multi-disciplinary super speciality hospital dedicated to providing world-class health services and specialized medical facilities at affordable costs. Fortis Hospital is part of a pan-Asian network of 76 hospitals and a variety of cross-continuum facilities that are dedicated to integrated health care delivery with the larger purpose of saving and enriching lives through clinical excellence.

These projects are an important step for as we look internationally to engage a network of clinicians from around the globe in sharing best practices. Our unique collaborative model ensures that every member of the network can benefit from the shared clinical knowledge available through our network.