has recently launched a new medical directive template. Medical directives are written orders by physicians to other health care providers that pertain to any patient who meets the criteria set out in that directive. Their purpose is to eliminate and/or reduce any delay in the management of patient care and to ensure standardization of therapy. In high acute areas, such as the ED, medical directives empower other clinicians to complete basic emergency procedures before the physician has had time to see the patient, expediting care in time-sensitive situations which leads to better patient outcomes and increased operational efficiency.

The medical directive template supports recognized best practices as well as legislative guidelines. The medical directives now being added to our library will be maintained with the same rigorous quality assurance process applied to our order sets are supported by the best evidence available in the literature. Our implementation team will guide and support each hospital through the entire process of deploying the new directives into clinical practices, including all required customization to suit local needs and workflows. We will adapt your medical directives to reflect your local context and needs, and stay with you to support your medical directives into the future (e.g. revision, evaluation and monitoring).

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