St. Joseph’s Healthcare Hamilton (SJHH) and Think Research have embarked on a pilot project to develop a series of mental health order sets with an ambitious timeline for completion. This is a unique example of Think Research’s collaborative work with a network partner.

The goal of the project is to create mental health order set library through an integrated, collaborative, and scalable clinical development process for St. Joseph’s Healthcare Hamilton. The mental health order sets will still be developed with Think Research’s customary evidence-base. This project will allow us to integrate feedback from SJHH’s expert frontline mental health clinicians directly into the new order sets. The resultant library will be optimally aligned with their local practice and workflow.

“St. Joseph’s Healthcare Hamilton has fully embraced order sets, we cannot overstate how collaborative and highly involved they have been. St. Joseph’s consistently demonstrate a commitment to clinical excellence. This project will lay the groundwork for St. Josephs to truly increase their capacity to developed future order sets” said Kirsten Lewis, Director of Clinical Research and Development at Think Research.

For a tour of our clinical order set library, please contact us at