We are excited to announce that Think Research has been procured by St. Joseph’s Health System to implement the Provincial Digital Quality-Based Procedures (QBP) Order Sets Program in up to 75 hospitals across the province by March 2018.

Funded by the Ontario Ministry of Health & Long-Term Care, this voluntary provincial program is a clinical and quality initiative focused on accelerating the adoption of QBP Clinical Handbooks while providing time-saving and ready-to-use tools to implement more standardized, evidence-based, high quality patient-centred health care practices.

With complete technical and strategic support from Think Research, hospitals will work through a structured implementation approach alongside other participating hospitals in their region. They will implement newly developed digital QBP-compliant order sets on Think Research’s cloud-based platform, EntryPoint. The order sets translate QBP clinical guidelines into actionable documents that can be accessed at the point of care.

The EntryPoint platform is accessed via a browser-based application and interfaces with hospitals’ existing EMRs to pull in patient information and capture clinical analytics. Real-time data, owned by hospitals, is generated to inform future quality improvement initiatives.

Digital QBP order sets provide significant cost, quality and time benefits to front-line users. Hospitals can streamline and standardize their workflows while aligning ordering to provincial QBP Clinical Handbook guidelines. Each participating hospital will have the opportunity to tailor the digital QBP order set library to the unique formulary of their organization.

The first of three waves of the provincial program has already attracted a high level of interest and we anticipate the additional waves to be just as successful.

To learn more about the Provincial Digital QBP Order Sets Program, please contact:

Sophie Zikmanis
Operations Lead
Provincial Digital QBP Order Sets Program
St. Joseph’s Health System