Our stellar Client Success team, namely Madelaine Krieger and Mary O’Sullivan, recently made an epic trek across the majestic east coast of Canada. The goal? To engage face-to-face with our clients, discuss challenges and daily workflows, all to ensure that our solutions are continuing to meet their diverse, evolving needs.

Madelaine Krieger and Mary O’Sullivan braving the elements on Signal Hill in St. John’s, Newfoundland

Our team packed up and left the urban hub of downtown Toronto, driving 1500 kilometres across the province of Newfoundland and Labrador, all the while dodging snowstorms, iceberg warnings, and even stumbling upon a caribou crossing! One hospital from each region was visited, beginning in St. John’s, Newfoundland with St. Clare’s Mercy Hospital. From there, our Client Success team headed north to Central Health’s Regional Office, then to Charles S. Curtis Memorial Hospital, at the northern tip of the province. The trip ended in Corner Brook, with a visit to both Western Memorial Hospital and Corner Brook Long Term Care.

Our trusty chariot almost blends into its scenic background. Almost!

We have a longstanding relationship with these clients and it’s a province dedicated to improving the quality and standardization of care; Newfoundland has 83,000 Order Set submissions to date. During our visits, we had a chance to connect in-person with our network in this region, learn about which projects our clients are working on, and what new Order Sets can be developed to help them. We also re-engaged with clinicians and provided on-site, interactive training to those who required guidance; one emergency room physician at Charles S Curtis Memorial submitted his very first Order Set!

Some feedback we received: the clinicians love the EntryPoint platform, and appreciate the fact that it makes workflows simple, and orders easy to read. Another valuable discussion that we had, across all sites, was around the different ways in which to facilitate knowledge sharing and increase adoption of best practices across the province.

The analytics tool, Spotlight, was also a topic that we addressed, with clinicians appreciating the ability to track and report on submissions. 83,000 submissions presents a wellspring of data, and our clients, along with our Client Success team, is looking forward to using this data to help drive their initiatives moving forward.

In addition to having the opportunity to connect face-to-face with our clients, we were very rewarded in being able to get a stronger understanding of how small and rural hospitals function. With increasingly aging populations, extreme weather conditions and geographical disparity, these populations face a considerable amount of challenges in delivering care. As a result, we were astounded by the diverse skill sets that clinicians in these small and rural areas need to possess. To visit each of these hospitals, we had to drive for hours on end with no human contact, so we admire their ability to continually adapt to these challenging and sometimes harsh conditions.

Spotting a family of caribou

It proved to be a trip full of learning, adventure and surprises: wild animals and extreme weather conditions, juxtaposed with the warm and friendly faces of the clinicians who work tirelessly every day to improve the lives of patients. We’d like to thank the clients who welcomed us into their communities ‒ it was a trip we won’t soon forget.

Meeting with some of the Project Team at Corner Brook Long Term Care