Here at Think Research, our mission is focused: organize the world’s health knowledge so that everyone gets the best care. In today’s fast-paced world, data lies at the heart of everything we do, and our leadership team has recently received some exciting media coverage on this topic.

First, our CEO Sachin Aggarwal has received accolades for his recent policy paper published in the Centre for International Governance Innovation (CIGI). In this paper, Sachin signals the dawn of a new era, based on a global data-driven economy. He advocates for a national open data strategy, arguing that Canada has potential to become a world leader in health innovation. Sachin maintains that “within health care, a rapidly growing global industry, Canada possesses a structural competitive advantage” and reasons that “fundamentally single-payer structure of Canadian health care creates an effective mechanism to advance a collective health data economy.” In this persuasive piece, Sachin speaks to some of the benefits of data interchange in healthcare, and this compelling video interview also explores some of his key points in more detail.

Several of our other leaders have echoed this sentiment, including our President and Founder Chris O’Connor, who was interviewed by MaRS Discovery District. In this engaging video interview, Chris shares his views on the importance of health data, the unique advantage that Canada’s publicly funded healthcare system enables, and predicts that data will be the “source of future innovation and future discoveries.”

Following in this vein, Saurabh Mukhi, our Chief Technology Officer, was recently featured in an article on the front page of Techvibes, outlining his astute view on a fundamental shift that has occurred in the healthcare innovation space. Within this shift, machine learning, AI and blockchain technology are increasingly used to drive innovation and generate new ideas.  Saurabh, like Sachin and Chris, holds that Canada’s “central care model” provides “silos of rich data that can be shared. These are exciting times as we see more and more end-to-end connectivity of all those data elements.”

Exciting times indeed! We’re looking forward to this promising future, and to continuing the discussion around the transformative power and potential of data.