A high-functioning emergency department is indicative of a successful health system, and with patients often presenting with complex and multi-faceted symptoms, the strain on emergency departments is increasing. As shown by a 2016 Health Quality Ontario report, the “growth in emergency department visits is outpacing population growth.” In addition, the number of patients admitted to the hospital rose 17.5% over the past seven years.*

With rising admission, the importance of proper triage cannot be overstated; often patients are admitted into a hospital without a concrete diagnosis. A standardized general medical admission Order Set is essential to providing fast, effective care, as it helps nurses and emergency departments admit patients safely and efficiently.

In light of this, our Clinical Research and Development team recently hosted a workshop to evaluate and assess our General Medical Admission Order Set, in hopes of making adjustments to ensure alignment with clinical best practices.

The workshop participants came from interprofessional backgrounds, ranging from nursing to nursing educators to emergency medical residency and community physicians. The objective of the workshop was to review the Order Set in detail, discussing which sections may need to be removed or redesigned in order to fully reflect best practice and support clinicians.

The overall feedback generated was very positive, with many of the clinicians commenting on how accessible and easy-to-use the Order Set is. Some insightful recommendations emerged during the course of the workshop, including suggestions to streamline/rearrange the Order Set content and flow. One suggestion including the idea to place the discharge planning module at the end (versus the beginning) of the Order Set. VTE prophylaxis was also recently added to the Order Set, which workshop attendees found to be quite beneficial.

We would like to thank our workshop attendees for their invaluable feedback and insights. The Clinical Research and Development team is currently organizing this feedback. We’re looking forward to making further improvements to the General Medical Admission Order Set in order to support evidence-based best practice in this critical area.

* Health Quality Ontario. Under Pressure: Emergency Department Performance in Ontario. Toronto: Queen’s Printer for Ontario; 2016.