Another Series of Successful Clinical Workshops

WIth an increasingly complex healthcare system, an integrated and interprofessional approach to discharge planning is important to decrease readmission rates, improve patient satisfaction and improve continuity of care. The timely flow of information between healthcare providers improves the transition process and builds patients’ confidence in the system.

In light of this, our Clinical Research and Development team recently hosted a series of workshops to evaluate and assess our reference library discharge product documents. The objective of the workshop was to gather essential feedback and make adjustments to ensure alignment with clinical best practices. Beginning with an overview of workflow and discharge quality practices, the participants were then divided into work groups, in order to review the order set in detail. Within each work group, participants discussed which sections may need to be redesigned in order to fully reflect best practice.

Focused on both pediatric and adult discharge planning, the workshops involved participants from different interprofessional backgrounds, includinh physicians, nurses, social workers and more. Aiming to gather robust feedback, the workshop participants were from a variety of settings in large academic teaching hospitals to smaller community hospitals.

Our workshop leads were keen to determine if the existing order set properly aligned to participants’ current workflows, and the overall feedback generated during these workshops was very positive. Some additional insights emerged during the course of the workshop, including suggestions on how to streamline/restructure the order set content and flow, as well as additional tools to enhance the discharge process. There were also other recommendations about enhancing patient information and communication to the community health providers.

We would like to thank our workshop participants for their valuable feedback and insights. As a result of candid and open conversation, we were able to gather a significant amount of useful feedback that we can incorporate into clinical document updates and improvements. Workshops such as this one represent a meaningful step forward in improving care continuity, and we’re looking forward to making further improvements to the reference product resources.

We’re always looking for clinical workshop participants! If you’re interested in participating (or would like to learn more), please reach out to us at