Client Success

Client Success is a multi-disciplinary department made up of clinical Implementation Specialists, Document Specialists, Implementation Engineers and Project Managers. They work one-on-one with health care facilities to ensure that our solutions are making a meaningful difference in their practice. Our Client Success team members understand the unique needs of health care organizations, big and small.

Setting Clinicians Up for Success


High Energy

We operate in a fast-paced environment that’s only getting faster. We’re constantly diving into new markets and forming new partnerships. Our ability to stay ahead of this growing demand is because of our team’s high-energy work ethic and quick problem-solving.


Hands On

The only way to ensure success with every client facility is to work one-on-one with their clinical team. This means a lot of time spent on site, at ground level, making sure our solutions are effective. We’re proud of our tools; we want our clients to be proud of them too.


Making a Difference

Working on a project in a hospital or care facility impacts entire communities. In the short term, we’re creating more effective clinical workflows and improving quality. In the long run, we’re transforming an industry and making a meaningful difference in the lives of patients.

Open Positions