Clinical Research and Development

The Clinical Research and Development team is made up of multidisciplinary health care professionals including physicians, nurses, medical researchers, pharmacists, scientists and more. This team researches, develops, updates and customizes all of the clinical content, including our libraries of therapeutic Order Sets, to ensure that our clients receive the most current diagnostic and treatment options available.

Paving the Way for Better Care



One of the biggest challenges in health care is accessing and implementing the latest medical research in daily practice. Our team of clinical experts are bridging this gap by translating this vast amount of knowledge into actionable documents that can be used right at the point of care.



We collaborate with leading physicians, nurse practitioners, pharmacists and many professional health care organizations. When we partner with our community’s thought leaders, we are able to provide our clients with the leading clinical best practices that spans across all phases of health care.



Our Research and Development team helps to build knowledge-based tools that empower clinicians to provide the best care possible. Our solutions are changing and improving the ways that clinicians see and treat their patients. We’re approaching health care challenges in novel ways and are always thinking outside of the box.

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