EntryPoint is a privacy-compliant cloud-based platform that supports our suite of health care applications. With EntryPoint, patient information, documents and software applications are easily accessible with powerful search tools and smart, user-specific workflow adaptations.

Healthcare and the Cloud

The cloud is a popular term used to describe application-based software that can be accessed anywhere, anytime via the Internet. This is why EntryPoint, where we host our suite of health care applications, is called a cloud-based platform. Although all cloud information is available remotely, the software is grounded by a unit of physical hardware, or servers, which stores the data. Think Research operates its own secure cloud servers within Canada and the United States.

Flexible and Scalable

EntryPoint’s cloud infrastructure allows us to quickly and easily scale to our clients needs as their demand increases. Traditionally, clients would be exposed to long periods of downtime for upgrades and improvements in order to maintain and enhance software applications. With our scalable infrastructure, we can easily add more bandwidth and other vital resources so that our clients can continue to operate without any impact to their clinical workflow.

Disaster Proof

Valuable patient data is stored in a safe and secure location and backed up in real-time. In the very rare and unfortunate event of a disaster, a complete systems restore and data recovery can happen within a single hour.

Accessible Anywhere

Accessing applications supported by EntryPoint is quick and secure with the cloud. Just point your web browser to EntryPoint via any workstation or tablet device and you’re set.

Safe and secure platform

EntryPoint is housed on state-of-the-art infrastructure located in purpose-built facilities in Canada and the United States. Our cloud servers meet and exceed the highest standards of Privacy and Security, including the Personal Health Information Protection Act and the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA).

Entrypoint is protected by multiple layers and types of security measures and implements the most up-to-date practices around redundancies and backups. In 2012, KPMG conducted a Privacy Impact Assessment of EntryPoint, recognizing it as an effective, reliable and trustworthy cloud-computing service.

Think Research’s Standing Privacy & Security Committee ensures that our entire organization continuously maintains the highest compliance with the responsibilities of hosting patient data and protecting our partners from risk.

A Healthcare Application Ecosystem

When you have EntryPoint, you have options. We’re building innovative health care applications that are customized to fit into the workflows of clinicians. We’re also partnering with leading health care organizations to develop and launch highly specialized applications that address critical health care needs.

Project Support

We have developed customized solutions for hospitals of all sizes; from large, academic hospitals to remote nursing outposts; in diverse clinical contexts across Canada and internationally. We understand that it takes thoughtful attention to organizational change management to set your facility up for success. We’re here to help on this transition every step of the way.

During our hands-on implementation process, our teams of Clinical Research and Development experts, Clinical IT Specialists and Project Managers partner with your clinicians, administrators, and staff to ensure the right goals are achieved. Learn more.