Improved safety for patients, improved
workflow for clinicians

Ensure your patients are receiving the safest and highest quality care with MedRec. Care teams can easily access up-to-date, accurate information about patients in order to make the appropriate decisions about pharmaceutical interventions and care strategies. Auto populated patient data makes the process fast and efficient for clinicians.

Put patient safety first

Having access to complete and accurate patient medication history, real-time medication treatment plans and detailed drug knowledge from one source can make a real difference when a patient safety is on the line.

Make reconciliations simple

Relieve the burden of compiling medication lists for reconciliation. Ordered medications are digitally retrieved and displayed for side-by-side comparison with home medications.

Tap into clinical knowledge

Unlock essential knowledge from drug databases and automatically flag contraindications that help clinicians make smarter decisions about pharmaceutical interventions for their patients.

Designed to promote clinical best practices

Each health organization faces different challenges with implementation medication reconciliation. We have helped our clients achieve accreditation goals and tangible improvements to medication reconciliation adoption. MedRec can address a single stage or all stages including admission, discharge and transfer planning. MedRec includes data analytics dashboards to help healthcare organizations painlessly monitor progress or pin-point areas of process improvement.

From admission through discharge, MedRec ensures patient safety is part of your workflow, every step of the way.

Key Features

  • Draw data from existing health information systems
  • Simple clinician controls to hold, continue, add and cancel medication
  • Smart medications search field
  • Automatically generate discharge instructions
  • Digitally transmit prescriptions to dispensing pharmacy

End-to-end project support

Empowering clinicians with knowledge-powered tools takes thoughtful attention to organizational change management. We’re here to help on this transition every step of the way. During our hands-on implementation process, our teams of Clinical Research and Development experts, Clinical IT Specialists and Project Managers partner with your clinicians and staff to ensure the right goals are achieved.

Available on the EntryPoint Platform

MedRec is available exclusively on EntryPoint, our privacy-compliant cloud-based platform that supports our suite of health care applications. With EntryPoint, patient information, documents and software applications are easily accessible from any workstation or mobile device. EntryPoint includes smart search tools, includes real-time clinical data, and fits naturally into clinical workflows.

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