Order Sets

Evidence-based clinical knowledge that transforms care

Order Sets helps you deliver outstanding patient-centered care by standardizing clinical processes grounded in best practices and efficiency.

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Order Sets™ structures clinical pathways at the point of care, helping you treat patients faster while delivering exceptional outcomes.

For organizations, Order Sets helps control costs and supports you in changing payment models, all while giving you clinical practice data and analytics insights.

Order Sets is backed by Think Research’s industry-leading library of order sets. We adapt this content to your patient population’s needs and keep it updated to the latest professional standards.

Make clinical decisions with confidence while supporting your organization’s strategic objectives, such as quality improvement and optimized reimbursement.

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What sets Order Sets apart?

Order Sets™ enables standardization that empowers individual clinicians in delivering patient-centred care while unlocking new insights with data-driven analytics.


We designed Order Sets to promote evidence-based decision making at every step through the patient journey. We’ve standardized the points in clinical processes where organizations often see significant practice variation. And, with a library of over 1,000 reference order sets to work from, standardization becomes both achievable and sustainable.


Order Sets meshes with your clinical workflow, helping you to scale with the needs of your healthcare organization.

Clinical content

Large content library Our pathways library includes over 1,000 reference order sets reflecting international guidelines, which our team keeps updated to the latest standards.

Adapted to your needs We work with you to customize Order Sets content for your health system’s local pathway, workflow, and patient care needs.

Connected technology

Vendor agnostic Order Sets integrates with existing electronic health record (EHR) systems and CPOE workflows.

Deploy at scale Deploy standardized content across your entire healthcare network, regardless of location, EHR, or phase of care.

End-to-end support We assist you with infrastructure, project, and change management to enable adoption and deliver measurable benefits and tangible progress in meeting your strategic goals.

Key insight

Funding model transformation Order Sets is a key tool for transitioning from volume-based funding. Make it easier to go from a capacity-based model to bundled payments and value-based care.

Powerful analytics Order Sets, combined with Spotlight Analytics, aggregates data at the system level, providing standardized data on clinical practice.

Standardize Your Clinical Performance

How Order Sets Helps

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Frontline physicians​

  • Use the latest clinical research knowledge at the point of care to reduce errors and inappropriate ordering
  • Streamline workflow management, giving you more time for patients
  • Simplify revenue cycle management
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Clinical teams​

  • Easier decision-making across care teams
  • Simplify collaborative case management
  • Support continuity of care across different care settings
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  • Access analytics insights for quality improvement, billing, strategic planning, and revenue cycle management
  • Reduce clinical variation across hospital networks, driving cost-effective and value-based care
  • Compatible with existing EHR systems and CPOE workflows


Access the latest medical knowledge

Library of over 1,000 evidenced-based order sets that align with best practice and are localized to your needs.

Global network

Collaborative network connecting clinicians to peer network of global Order Set authors.

Streamlined project management

Simple governance process and management tools that make updates, continued localization, and ongoing maintenance easy and sustainable.

Unlock new insights

Insights and improvement opportunities drawn from powerful analytics that aggregate data on clinical practice within and across your health system or organization.

Ongoing optimization

Continuously iterate and optimize clinical content based on current use and tracked outcomes to improve your value-based care delivery.



Order Sets​


The Science Behind an Order Set​

Case Study

Kingston Health Sciences Centre: Unlocking Efficiencies With Order Sets & EntryPoint

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Compatible with existing systems or Think Research’s healthcare cloud

Order Sets™ is available through leading EHR systems or Think Research’s cloud healthcare platform, EntryPoint.

EntryPoint provides a single point of access that is system agnostic and HIPPA/PHIPA compliant. Flexible to work at any scale, EntryPoint facilitates the delivery of equitable, high-quality, and cost-effective care, from small rural hospitals to large urban health centres.

The latest Order Sets updates​