Patient Order Sets
Relevant Ordering Recommendations at Your Fingertips

What are Order Sets?

Clinical Order Sets are medical checklists offering Canadian evidence-based treatment options in a single, user-friendly interface. Developed by our interprofessional clinical team, these support tools are designed to fit naturally into your Canadian health care organization’s unique workflows.


A faster form of care

Spend more time with your patients and less time with your notepad. We structure knowledge to make it easier and faster to engage with.

Setting the standard by learning from the network

Staying on top of the latest research can be challenging, let us help. Our Clinical Research & Development team leverages the latest medical research in Canada, industry best-practices, and clinical standards to develop our Order Set reference library. Additionally, they host regular clinical workshops and engage with numerous Canadian care associations on an ongoing basis. Members of the network can also learn from others’ Order Set implementations and customize their library for local practice realities.

Evidence-Based Clinical Content

Think Research provides libraries of thousands of Order Sets (Ordonnances) that are designed for deployment in specific clinical settings: acute care hospitals, long-term care, complex continuing care, and other phases of the care continuum. Our expert team of medical researchers, physicians and nurses work closely with an Ontario network of 100 subject matter experts, over 20 leading clinical associations, specialty societies, hospitals, LHINs and other Canadian health care organizations, to ensure the most up-to-date medical research and best practices are implemented. Our team reviews and updates the Order Sets as new research is published, so clinicians are always getting leading expert guidance at the bedside.

Program Evaluation for Quality Improvement

Valuable patient data is stored in a secure location and backed up in real-time. In the event of a very rare and unfortunate disaster, data can be recovered within an hour.

Easily Accessible and Interoperable

Staying connected with your care team has never been easier. You can easily access Order Sets through EntryPoint, which is built into the most advanced clinical systems (i.e. Epic, Cerner, MEDITECH, Allscripts, Quadramed).


  • Digital Order Sets (Ordonnances) designed to reduce cognitive burden and shift clinician behaviour
  • Structured clinical modules
  • Real-time data collection
  • Printer-friendly design
  • Multi-format content adaptable to any workflow

Who This Helps

Primary Care

Acute Care

Long-Term Care

Health Systems

See Your Organizations Ordering in Real-Time

See what’s happening in your care facility with Spotlight, our data analytics application. Observe clinician practices, performance trends, patient demographics and more with real-time updates.

Project Support

We start with expert clinical content and powerful software tools, then customize the solution to your local geographical and organizational needs. During our hands-on implementation process, our clinical research team, development experts, clinical consultants, quality assurance specialists, document specialists, clinical IT specialists and project managers partner with your clinicians and staff to ensure your goals are achieved.


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