Centralized Clinical Notes That Tell the Whole Patient Story

A sophisticated clinical documentation system designed to improve the workflow of clinicians in their day-to-day practice. Get a comprehensive understanding of your patient’s daily condition and history in a single screen. Progress Notes allows entire care teams to collaborate on a shared patient profile that makes it easy to capture critical patient information about illnesses, developments in diagnosis and treatment, medications and more!

Patient Information That Keeps Up With a Patient’s Journey

Clinical documentation today is disorganized, fragmented and full of redundancies. Recording portions of the patient treatment in paper charts, assessment forms, EMR free text notes, and dictations results in a system that cannot inform the patients or their extended health care team.

Progress Notes puts the patient at the centre of the conversation. With our single timeline view of a patient’s entire episode of care, whole teams of clinicians can keep up-to-date with the changing condition of their patients.

Everyone relying on physician notes can count on a predictable narrative structure that outlines the patient’s present issues, any pre-existing conditions, assessment and treatment plans. All clinicians involved in providing care can update events, medications and treatment information in a single patient profile that follows the patient throughout their journey from admission to discharge.

Better Information Means Better Care

Make better informed and faster decisions with a single picture of a patient’s entire episode of care. Clinicians can spend less time entering redundant information and more time on collaborating on solutions for a patient.

Fostering Interprofessional Conversations

Smoothen the process of communication among care team members—including those outside your facility. Progress Notes eliminates the need for double entry and bridges the conversation gap during transitions of care.

Beautifully Designed with Clinicians in Mind

Find the right clinical information at the right moment. Progress Notes organizes the vast amount of patient clinical documentation into an intelligent and structured patient timeline.

Key Features

  • Flexible documentation format
  • Key word search within the patient’s notes
  • Organize all notes from different areas of expertise within one platform
  • Vital patient information always within reach
  • Collaborate with other clinicians on a live documentation
  • Barriers to discharge highlighted in one place

Document Smarter

Progress Notes cuts out the redundancy of double entry and resynthesizing information, while capturing powerful patient data that supports better decision making.

With a centralized archive of patient information, clinicians can gain valuable insight into their practices with vast amounts of data on patients’ stays. Hospitals are better able to meet the requirements of coding and billing activities and comply with documentation standards.

Available on the EntryPoint Platform

Progress Notes is available exclusively on EntryPoint, our privacy-compliant cloud-based platform that supports our suite of health care applications. With EntryPoint, patient information, documents and software applications are easily accessible from any workstation or mobile device. EntryPoint includes smart search tools, includes real-time clinical data, and fits naturally into clinical workflows. Learn more.

Project Support

Empowering clinicians with knowledge-powered tools takes thoughtful attention to organizational change management. We’re here to help on this transition every step of the way. During our hands-on implementation process, our teams of Clinical Research and Development experts, Clinical IT Specialists and Project Managers partner with your clinicians and staff to ensure the right goals are achieved. Learn more.