Digital Assessments and Forms with VirtualCare Assessments

VirtualCare Assessments lets you save time and get rid of paper while managing and assigning assessments directly within VirtualCare.

Digital versions of some of the most popular mental health assessments are now available directly in VirtualCare, simplifying your assessment management and allowing for remote completion by your patient/client.

VirtualCare Assessments is an add-on feature to streamline your assessments process. Assessments are fully integrated into your existing VirtualCare interface and your patient/client roster. Discover how VirtualCare Assessments can remove common headaches from your practice while improving the experience for both you and your patients/clients. Existing VirtualCare users can register now for VirtualCare Assessments or contact us for more information.


Key assessments and documents included: VirtualCare assessments offer three packages covering key mental health assessments and forms: an intake questionnaire, invoice, and common mental health assessments.

Secure and accessible: Assessments are stored securely within VirtualCare, eliminating storage needs and other risks from paper-based assessments. You can export assessments in PDF format or print off a copy.

Set your assessment cadence: Assessments can be one-time or scheduled on a recurring basis for your patient/client to complete, with changeable due dates if your requirements change. This ensures you have accurate, up-to-date assessments and patient self-reporting and allows you to conduct assessments ahead of or during an appointment.

Assign assessments for completion during appointment: In addition to assigning an assessment or form ahead of an appointment, you can also assign an assessment to be completed during a live VirtualCare call.

Available Assessments and Forms

Consent to Service
Consent to Disclose
General Information

Mental Health Assessments
Patient Health Questionnaire (PHQ-9)
Generalized Anxiety Disorder (GAD-7)


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How VirtualCare Assessments Works

  1. Provider chooses assessment and completion cadence
  2. If assessment is recurring, the patient/client receives an email informing them they have an assessment to complete in VirtualCare.
  3. Patient/client completes assessment and it is saved in VirtualCare.
  4. After completion, assessment is available for provider in VirtualCare to review and download or print.


VirtualCare Assessments is a paid addon feature for VirtualCare, charged monthly in addition to your existing VirtualCare license.

  • Intake Package: $18/month 
  • Mental Health Assessments Package: $12/month
  • Invoicing Package: $12/month

A $50 one-time activation fee is charged per package. Order two or more packages and save 50% off activation fees and $5/month off each additional package subscription. Taxes applicable.


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Introduction to Using VirtualCare Assessments

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Complete Your Assessments and Forms Digitally in VirtualCare

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I access VirtualCare Assessments?
VirtualCare Assessments will be available as a menu item in your VirtualCare interface. For the best experience, please use a computer or tablet.

How does this affect my current VirtualCare license?
VirtualCare Assessments is an additional paid feature purchased in addition to your current license.

How does this work with my current VirtualCare payment schedule?
After your first month, you will be billed for VirtualCare Assessments on the same day as your regular VirtualCare license payment.

Can I add my own assessments?
At this stage we are offering a set number of common mental health assessments, but welcome your feedback on future assessments/form availability.

Are you planning to add additional assessments?
We are currently exploring adding additional assessments and forms. Please contact us with your feedback on any assessments you would like to see.

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Existing VirtualCare users can register now, or contact us to get more information or book a demonstration.