Quality-Based Procedures
Partnership with the Provincial
Digital QBP Order Sets Program

The Provincial Digital Quality-Based Procedures (QBP) Order Sets Program is a clinical quality initiative in Ontario, project managed by St. Joseph’s Health System and funded by the Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care.


Translating Clinical Information

The program is focused on translating Ontario’s QBP Clinical Handbooks and Health Quality Ontario’s (HQO’s) Quality Standards into ready-to-use tools and digital Order Sets, so clinicians can easily align with best practices and provide more standardized, evidence-based care at the bedside.

Designed for Ontario Acute Care Hospitals

Our in-house team of clinical experts has worked closely with an Ontario network of 100 subject matter experts, over 20 leading clinical associations, specialty societies, hospitals, Local Health Integration Networks (LHINs) and other health care organizations, to ensure the digital QBP Order Sets for the provincial program are optimized for health care delivery.

Implementing QBPs Across Ontario

We work closely with the Provincial Digital QBP Order Sets Program to support the four program objectives: develop practical tools for clinicians, reduce resource-intensive manual processes, build real-time analytics capability, and establish communities of practice.

St. Joseph’s Health System (SJHS) in Hamilton, project sponsor for the Provincial Digital Quality-Based Procedures (QBP) Order Sets Program, publicly procured Think Research to create and implement digital Order Sets for hospitals that voluntarily participate in the provincial program. Today, over 80 hospitals across all 14 LHINs are participating.

This clinical and quality initiative supports the Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care’s policy and is focused on accelerating the adoption of Ontario’s QBP Clinical Handbooks and Health Quality Ontario’s Quality Standards aimed at providing best practice recommendations for patient care.

Thousands of pages of clinical documentation, based on expert panel advice, have been produced into Clinical Handbooks and Quality Standards. Given the amount of information provided, clinicians often face a sizable challenge to interpret and align their practice to these QBP recommendations. The library of Order Sets and decision guidance documents we have created for the provincial program translates the vast amount of QBP information into actionable steps that clinicians can efficiently access at the point of care.

A history of success

  • Adhere to and report on provincial quality indicators
  • Assist your hospital in being compensated for the care provided
  • React to rapidly changing standards
  • Regional coordination of clinical services
  • Identify opportunities for quality improvement
  • Implement solutions that lead practice with the latest evidence
  • Improve clinician workflows

Monitoring and Measuring

With Spotlight, our real-time data and analytics engine, hospitals get insight into clinical ordering behaviours and adherence to recommended clinical best practices. It enables hospitals to track performance, test new processes, make quality improvements and monitor the overall state of your QBP program.


  • Observe clinical practice variability
  • Identify quality improvement opportunities
  • Monitor adherence to best practices and QBP standards in real-time
  • Map broader health care trends

Implementation and Support

Our experienced clinical implementation team supports the digital QBP program throughout the process, from initiation to go-live and beyond. We start by working with you to custom-tailor the solution to your organizational needs.

Our team – consisting of clinical research and development experts, project managers, quality assurance, document and clinical IT specialists – is well versed in addressing complex roadblocks that come with organizational change. They are equipped with a variety of customized tools and resources to ensure you reach your digital QBP goals. We have developed and tested a successful approach to working with individual hospitals that empowers clinicians to fully adopt digital QBP Order Sets.

Project Management

Our experienced project management team develops a digital QBP implementation plan tailored to your hospital’s needs and goals. Our clinical implementation specialists are available to facilitate clinical consensus on standards and develop a QBP library that is customized for your hospital and meets your specific workflow, formulary and services.

Translating Clinical Handbooks and Quality Standards

We’ve partnered with subject matter experts across the province to translate each of Ontario’s QBP Clinical Handbooks and HQO’s Quality Standards into digital Order Sets by creating precise documents that integrate the steps clinicians must follow to achieve QBP compliance. The various documents include clinical Order Sets, clinical protocols, medical directives, clinical support documents and discharge-planning tools.