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Global Leadership Through Health Data

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In this video, Sachin Aggarwal, CEO at Think Research explains that an important by-product of Canada’s healthcare system is the amount of health data that is collected by the provincial purveyors of public healthcare. According to Aggarwal, Canada has a structural advantage in the data-driven economy, which would allow the country to leverage health data to become a global leader in the delivery of personalized medicine, the advancement of artificial intelligence (AI) and the acceleration of medical research. Should Canada decide to leverage the health data of its citizens, an important national conversation must happen first, resulting in what Aggarwal calls “a new social contract.” In this contract, Canadian data protection and data use details must be made explicit, Canadians must know that they can participate in their own data’s use, and lastly, Canadians must be allowed to withdraw their data. For the original video visit the Centre for International Governance Innovation.