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Who We Help in Health Systems

Government Health Authorities

Balancing the needs of constituents with the constraints of mandates is no small feat. Our solutions empower government bodies with applications to address constituent needs as well as information to support healthcare system management and planning. With access to previously unimaginable data across HIS and EHR systems, our EntryPoint and Spotlight platforms yield insights to support large-scale quality improvement initiatives and system-level change.

Local and Regional Health Authorities

Regional and local health authorities, along with cross-community management committees, need to consider both local needs and broader government directives. To support these intersecting demands, our applications, including EntryPoint and Spotlight, yield integrated data across multiple institutions and care sectors. In addition, our Client Success team provides a range of implementation, project support, onboarding and utilization services. The system-level insight generated by our technologies and our team lets you implement best practices in a flexible, agile and cost effective manner, demonstrating the impact of your programs and driving quality improvements across entire health systems.

Health Maintenance Organizations, Managed Care Organizations and Health Insurance Providers

As the intermediary between providers and patients, these organizations have the difficult challenge of balancing both access as well as affordability for a range of clinical services. Our collection of applications, including Order Sets and Progress Notes, lays the foundation for evidence-based care that’s efficient, standardized, cost effective and accessible to even the most underserved populations.

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From governance to workflow integration, analytics and more, our interprofessional team will customize a solution to support your strategic goals. With a proven methodology and over a decade of experience, we’re here to help you along every step of your journey.

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