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Clinical knowledge and patient information is lost at the point-of-care in an avalanche of unstructured data.

Our tools and services connect clinicians with their patients, help standardize care decisions with clinical evidence, and ensure data is easily accessed and shared between providers for the best patient care possible.

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Order Sets

Order Sets is a decision-support tool implemented inside an EMR that uses research-based clinical knowledge to drive standardisation and exceptional care outcomes.

Featuring an industry-leading library of reference order sets, Order Sets reduces unwanted variation in practice while supporting quality improvement across your healthcare organization.

Core Features

Large content library: Our library includes over 1,000 reference order sets reflecting international guidelines, which our team keeps updated to the latest standards.

Adapted to your needs: We work with you to customize Order Sets content for your organisation’s local pathway, workflow, and patient care needs.

Vendor agnostic Order Sets integrates with existing electronic medical record systems (EMR) and CPOE workflows.

Deploy at scale: Deploy standardized content across your entire healthcare network, regardless of location, EMR, or phase of care.

End-to-end support: We assist you with infrastructure, project, and change management to enable adoption and deliver measurable benefits and tangible progress in meeting your strategic goals.

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Benefits of Order Sets

Access the latest medical knowledge: Library of over 1,000 evidenced-based order sets that align with best practice and are localized to your needs.

Global network: Collaborative network connecting clinicians to peer network of global Order Set authors.

Streamlined project management: Simple governance process and management tools that make updates, continued localization, and ongoing maintenance easy and sustainable.

Unlock new insights: Insights and improvement opportunities drawn from powerful analytics that aggregate data on clinical practice within and across your health system or organization.

Ongoing optimization: Continuously iterate and optimize clinical content based on current use and tracked outcomes to improve your value-based care delivery.


VirtualCare is a telemedicine platform allowing healthcare providers to deliver care to their patients through video calls, instant messaging, and secure document sharing.

VirtualCare makes it easy to see patients, conduct routine follow-ups and share lab results and prescriptions. Instead of an in-clinic visit, these activities can be done remotely, removing barriers to access and allowing clinicians to see more patients.

Core Features

Easily accessible: VirtualCare is accessed through a web browser or dedicated smartphone app, with integrated text messaging so your communication always gets through. Onboard your patients quickly with batch invitations for digital sign-up.

Secure communication: Whether using asynchronous messaging, real-time audio-video conferencing, or sharing clinical documentation, your communication is protected by enterprise-grade privacy and security.

Share information: Share relevant clinical notes or attach documents, educational materials, and links during the virtual visit. Consultation documentation can be automatically transferred into an EMR.

Adapts to your workflow: VirtualCare can be configured for various workflows, including scheduled visits and walk-in models, discharge and follow-up visits, and can streamline booking and appointments as patients request appointments in the platform.

Benefits of VirtualCare

Find more time to provide care: Make more time available to connect with your patients when it’s best for both you and them, and do so safely while maintaining physical distancing during COVID-19.

Improve your workflow efficiency: Provide effective care and streamline your workflow with functionality like appointment pre-screening and embedded clinical assessments and protocols.

Unlock data-driven insights: Discover new insight and track care at the system level with simplified data and population health management.

Progress Notes

Progress Notes structures how you record and manage patient documentation with standardised modules that consolidate care decisions in an accurate, accessible, and actionable digital note.

More than just a digital notation tool, Progress Notes is a sophisticated cloud-based solution that incorporates embedded best-practice clinical modules around how to diagnose, treat, and prognosticate for your patient.

Core Features

Incorporates clinical modules: Progress Notes map to our clinical library of over 1,000 up-to-date order sets and care pathways for discrete linking between treatment and diagnosis. These modules structure your patient’s clinical problems, prioritise care decisions, integrate applicable test results, and build coherence and logic to your care plan.

End-to-end deployment support: Meet your goals, no matter where you are in your patient documentation journey. We provide infrastructure, project management, and change management support to enable adoption, benefits, and tangible progress.

Pinpoint key information: Highlight key details quickly and eliminate redundant information, reducing the time you spend looking for information. Instead, focus on your patient while enabling smoother hand-offs and transfers.

Collaborative clinical network: Share insight, best practices, and local customization with your clinical peers across the globe. Through TxConnect, you can access Progress Note modules to learn how hospitals across our network are adapting content to meet their needs.

Benefits of Progress Notes

Saves clinicians’ time: Progress Notes speeds up the documentation process by ensuring it’s always accurate and complete. All required information is embedded in a single patient note that’s up to 50 percent faster to complete and can improve clinician-patient attendance time by up to 25 percent.

Improved patient care: Progress Notes helps improve patient care by making complete, clear, and succinct documentation easily accessed across teams. This mitigates risk and facilitates collaboration as team members have a centralized and updated source of patient information. For patient discharge, Progress Notes creates a discharge summary with complete treatment information, streamlining the transition to community care and other vital supports.

Expedites billing: Progress Notes simplifies billing and coding for administrators by automatically including required information in a standardized digital note format using embedded codes. This makes billing entry easier and eliminates time spent tracking down missing information.

Ensure best-practice COVID-19 response: Patients with severe COVID-19 cases may require hospital stays of 18 to 20 days or longer; documentation can become a burden for overextended healthcare teams. Progress Notes reduces this impact while assisting you in providing a standardized COVID-19 approach.

Clinical Support Tools for Seniors Care

Our CSTs guide your staff through a series of evidence-based questions and pathways that result in a well informed resident-centred plan of care every time. 

With clinical guidance based on best-practice standards embedded directly in your EMR, CSTs assist staff in providing effective, standardised care.

Core Features

Up-to-date content: Clinical Support Tools (CSTs) incorporate the latest best-practice standards and applicable legislation in tools built for key care scenarios. They can help inform your care planning and decision-making.

Robust tools: Our expanding library currently consists of 9 in-depth tools covering common clinical conditions and resident circumstances, including COVID-19. They assist you in managing a resident through admission, assessment, care planning, and other care management needs.

Simplified usability: Our CSTs guide your staff through a systematic set of easy-to-use questions that are dynamically triggered based on provided answers.

EMR integration: Our solution integrates with leading EMR systems, including PointClickCare and MED e-care, to enable easy adoption.

Benefits of Clinical Support Tools

Build staff capacity through embedded best-practice: Our clinical education team provides your staff robust training on how to use the tools, which contain embedded clinical suggestions to guide nurses with leading practices to support clinical decisions.

Drive compliance & internal quality improvement initiatives: CSTs are designed to promote regulatory compliance with programs such as end of life protocols, continence, diabetes and more, and can be used to support long-term care homes’ Quality Improvement Plans.

Provides valuable data insights to support internal decision-making: CSTs provide homes with data that can be used for key performance indicators to support the ongoing monitoring of success towards your goals.

Brings leading practices directly to clinicians at the point of care: CSTs are built on current best practices, and digitally deployed through leading EHRs at the point of care.

Early identification of potential health risks: Each CST begins with assessing the resident for high-risk health conditions. Initiating CSTs early can result in less complications, and avoidable transfer to the emergency department.

Supports resident-centred care and interdisciplinary communication: Improves the quality of documentation to support communications with residents and family members, as well as with interprofessional team members.


Spotlight is an advanced analytics tool add-on for Think Research products that translates operational data into key insights that administrators and clinicians can use to drive continuous care improvement.

Core Features

Use Multiple Data Sources: Spotlight is designed to manage and house data from a variety of sources. It incorporates data from Think Research products, as well as secondary sources including hospital EMRs.

Single Dashboard Views: Combine data from multiple systems into a single dashboard for the most complete clinical story possible with the data you have.

Clinical Performance Tracking: Spotlight provides clinical performance tracking down to the level of individual admissions or clinicians, and up to system-level patterns, for comprehensive micro-to-macro insights.

Powerful Data Engine: Our analytics engine can be customised to deliver key metrics and reporting aligned to your objectives, such as clinical outcomes, performance management, or quality improvement.

Embedded Clinical Terminology: Spotlight takes advantage of embedded clinical terminology within your data. Whether SNOMED CT, ICD, CPT, or payer model terminologies like DRG, Spotlight allows you to use those mappings to tell the best clinical story possible.

Benefits of Spotlight

Detailed Insights for Complex Operations: Spotlight gives you insight into your clinical practice at scale. Dashboards are designed to ensure the data is available so you can make the right decision without barriers or delays, supporting improved decision-making.

Continuous Care Improvement: Deliver ongoing quality improvements. Spotlight lets you identify emerging error patterns before they become systemic trends, helping correct service gaps and inefficiencies while stopping deviation from best practice.

Integrates with Existing Products: Spotlight uses the structured clinical data built into Think Research products used by your organisation. Our products at their core capture clinical data, and Spotlight can help bring that value to the forefront of your analytics journey.

Customized by Us for Your Goals: Spotlight comes backed by our support team to ensure your successful implementation and use. For complex analytics requirements, we work closely with you to understand your unique requirements and then customize our analytics engine to deliver data aligned to your metrics, ensuring you’re empowered to make evidence-based decisions.

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