Empower your EMR with the Latest Clinical Evidence

Enhance your EMR with clinical knowledge to support your clinicians in the delivery of best-practice care

Think Research is engaging with partners in Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and The United Arab Emirates to introduce our technology. Learn how it can assist hospitals and healthcare organizations by integrating clinical decision support based on leading medical knowledge into your Electronic Medical Record system.

Our solutions support improved decision-making across the care continuum and help you track, meet, and exceed quality improvement and strategic goals.

Order Sets

Order Sets is a decision-support tool implemented inside an EMR that uses research-based clinical knowledge to drive standardisation and exceptional care outcomes. Featuring an industry-leading library of reference order sets, Order Sets reduces unwanted variation in practice while supporting quality improvement across your healthcare organization.

Core Features

Drive progress on your quality improvement goals

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Contact Us for More Information

About Think Research

Think Research is a clinical content and technology company based in Toronto, Canada. We’re on a mission to structure the world’s healthcare knowledge and deliver it via connected technology solutions that make doing the right thing for your residents easy.

We’re proud to advance digital healthcare through our clinical standardisation solutions, which remove barriers to outstanding care.

Since our founding in 2006 by a critical care clinician, we’ve grown to support over 2,200 client partners in delivering exceptional care on three continents. Our clinical staff ensure our solutions and clinical content align to local protocols, national health guidelines, and the problems that matter most to you.