With the aging population growing at a rapid rate, the United States is urgently seeking solutions to help optimize processes and efficiencies in the acute and long-term care space.

MatrixCare, one of the largest long-term and post-acute care (LTPAC) technology providers, and Think Research, work together to offer integrated eForms. Think Research recently interviewed MatrixCare to discuss how the relationship helps providers overcome some of these challenges.

1. What is MatrixCare’s organizational vision and what are your strategies to achieve this?

Our vision is laid out in our mission statement (which all our employees live by everyday): leveraging technology to improve the quality of life for seniors and those who care for them.

Our strategy is clear: we ensure our customers are winning by providing the full spectrum of solutions so that no matter where the senior is on the care continuum, their providers will have the tools and solutions needed to improve quality of life, while supporting business operations in this ultra-competitive, regulatory rich environment. With our solutions supported in the Microsoft Azure environment, MatrixCare will continue to be an industry leader as proven by winning the Best in KLAS award for consecutive years.

2. Based on your experience, what do LTPAC providers struggle with most, and what is the impact of these struggles on the health system as a whole?

Providers are being measured on delivering improved resident outcomes at a lower cost to the system, the residents and their families – more so today than five or 10 years ago. For this reason, lower costs and improved care are critical. LTPAC providers will need to put strategies in place to avoid errors that impact them financially. They have to ensure that residents aren’t sent back to the hospital. Spiking readmission rates increases overall costs and affects brand equity as a provider and reliable partner in their referral network.

3. What is MatrixCare doing to help their customers overcome these challenges?

Consistent, quality care is the universal goal of the interdisciplinary care team, which is comprised of every professional who sees the resident during their care. MatrixCare provides the robust health information infrastructure to support overall operations, and also supports every member on the interdisciplinary care team who wants to ensure the resident receives the best outcome.

In addition, MatrixCare’s interoperability and open architecture, while providing secure access points for customer data access, supports health care providers’ need to access data on multiple systems.

4. How do you foresee LTPAC facilities/organizations utilizing the MatrixCare/Think Research relationship and it benefitting current processes?

MatrixCare integrates with Think Research’s eForms solution. This solution produces digital versions of admission agreements, reducing time and money for these organizations. A typical paper admission form workflow follows a tedious series of steps requiring manual entry, handling, checking and transporting documents between concerned parties. Electronic admission agreements provide users with an intuitive, seamless workflow for clearer, efficient and virtually error-free form completion.

5. What benefits do you see this relationship bringing to MatrixCare clients and all long-term care providers?

There are many benefits associated to utilizing Think Research’s eForms solution however, every organization is different, some include:

  • An automated admissions process
  • Eliminating paper, supply and delivery costs
  • Increased efficiencies with quick, easy and legible agreements
  • Accessible anytime, anywhere, including off-site
  • Reducing risks associated with incomplete admission agreements
  • Improving resident care

If you’re interested in learning more about Think Research’s eForms solution, contact us today. If you would like to see the tool in action, request a demoand a representative from Think Research will be in touch with you shortly.