Think Research is committed to privacy and security—they’re part of our foundational principles, and they guide all of our development processes and activities. As the EU General Data Protection Regulation(GDPR) went into effect in May 2018 — creating a multitude of challenges and opportunities for businesses in the EU and Canada — Think Research was happy to host the 4thmeeting of the CAC-GDPR this past September at our offices in Toronto, Ontario.

Think Research’s Legal Counsel and Privacy Officer Jessica Vaianisi is a member of the CAC-GDPR, established by the Standards Council of Canada.

The CAC-GDPR is a national forum, with the mandate of sharing relevant information and recommendations and engaging in standardization activities with respect to GDPR in order to help Canadian organizations (private, public and non-for-profit) address their obligations and enhance associated business opportunities for Canadian industry. For businesses and sectors, compliance with the European Union’s GDPR’s strict regulations can be daunting, so this initiative provides an opportunity to share resources and tools, discuss challenges and future directions, along with business opportunities.

The Committee objectives are:

  • To raise awareness about and help increase understanding of the GDPR, and provide Canadian organizations with effective means to comply with the regulation
  • To develop and relay consensus positions of the Committee to influence—to Canada’s advantage—the development of national, regional and international standards and conformity assessment schemes related to GDPR, data protection and data privacy

Participation spans many sectors, including a wide range of healthcare professionals, government bodies, academia, tech industry professionals, law firms and more. It’s a new committee, with 45 members, but progress has been quite promising so far.

Many would agree that Canada holds a strong position on the world stage for privacy and security, and this committee represents an effort to strengthen and enhance that. Think Research would like to thank all committee members for participating, and is looking forward to the next meeting, which will be hosted in Ottawa by the Standards Council of Canada. CAC-GDPR membership is open to all representatives of Canadian industry, industry associations, research and academia, federal, provincial and territorial governments, non-for-profit organizations and public interest groups impacted by or interested in GDPR from a business opportunity standpoint. Anyone interested in joining the committee is invited to send an e-mail to

More information about GDPR:

As part of our commitment to privacy, security, EU clients and global growth, Think Research announced in 2018 our GDPR-ready data centre hosted within the EU on the IBM Cloud platform. For more information, click here.