Digitizing Admissions Across the State of California

Here at Think Research, we’re fortunate to work closely with leaders in the long term care space. One of our recent client success stories is US Skilled Serve, a respected skilled nursing facility with 15 sites across various locations in California.

US Skilled Serve faced an obstacle that’s common within the long term care sector, in the US and beyond: inefficient, paper-based admissions processes. The organization’s admission packages were over 200 pages, costing them countless hours and resources for both printing and storage. With up to 60 admissions per month at some of the larger sites, US Skilled Serve recognized that it was time to streamline and modernize their admissions process – which is what ultimately brought them to Think Research.

After learning more about their current admission packages and future needs, we determined that eForms, hosted on our EntryPoint platform, would be the best solution to address the challenges inherent in their admissions workflows. Working closely with over 45 users across US Skilled Serve’s sites, we helped them to build and deploy a comprehensive admission package that would consolidate the forms used across the various sites.

More than a simple digitization project, our collaboration with US Skilled Serve has been very rewarding. Their team was and continues to be highly engaged and enthusiastic throughout the process. To ensure a smooth implementation, our team travelled from Toronto to Long Beach, California, to train each and every staff member. It was a unique, all-sites-at-once implementation, and the training to go-live time was an incredible 2 days!

During our time working with US Skilled Serve, it was critical to balance the need to standardize with the need to customize. Pre-implementation, each of the 15 sites used different admissions agreements, so our team needed to support theirs in collating and consolidating these various documents. On the other hand, we knew that we’d also need to incorporate the unique forms that each site requires (such as ambulatory care, podiatary care, smoking policy, unique pet policies, etc). Balancing standardization with the unique specificities of each site is absolutely crucial to the success of a deployment and US Skilled Serve’s deployment is a testament to that.

Now, US Skilled Serve staff are enjoying a much more efficient admissions process. As the admission forms are now digital, previous admission agreements (along with patient info) can be called up and edited as needed. In addition, staff can easily collaborate on different parts of the agreement, while auto-send features allow completed agreements to automatically save to shared folders (eliminating the extra step of downloading).

We wanted to congratulate the US Skilled Serve team on their successful rollout, and to thank them for our warm welcome to California! We’re looking forward to deepening our partnership in the future, and with increased eForms usage over time, uncovering insights to support their progress against strategic, operational and quality improvement goals.