Introducing Jacquie L. Badiou

It’s a dynamic, ever-changing environment here at Think Research, but one thing is constant: every day, we have the opportunity to work with a number of inspiring clinicians who have dedicated their lives to transforming care and improving patient outcomes.

We’re honoured to work with these exceptional clinicians, and to share their success! We recently had the opportunity to sit down with Jacquie Badiou, President at Hereditary Angioedema (HAE) Canada. Uncovering a key gap in knowledge and care practice in this area, Jacquie’s story is one of unwavering dedication to making a difference in our healthcare system.

Jacquie is a Registered Nurse and has worked for 30 years in healthcare within a variety of settings (from rural emergency medicine and administration to long-term care and then as a charge nurse in the emergency department). In the last 15 years of her career, she went into public health and was also appointed Program Area Specialist for Children and Adolescents, which involved a considerable amount of regional, provincial and national responsibilities. During this stage of her career, Jacquie participated in various advisory committees, which is what ultimately led her to HAE Canada.

HAE is a condition that has largely been misunderstood. Jacquie’s life has been personally touched by HAE, a rare genetic disorder characterized by episodes of swelling (edema attacks) in different areas of the skin or the internal organs, often occurring in the upper respiratory tract and intestine. Navigating the healthcare system for 47 years, Jacquie encountered extreme challenges in receiving proper diagnosis and treatment. It was this experience that moved her to join the HAE Canada Board of Directors in 2011, first as a Regional Director and leading to her current role as President.

One of the most fundamental challenges that HAE patients currently encounter is navigating the emergency room experience, and supporting patients in this process is a priority for HAE Canada. As a result of Jacquie’s astute leadership and diligence over the years, and the HAE Canada Team, various channels of support have been established. These include emergency room protocols, a National Report Card, a clinical trial program, resource materials, a knowledge-disseminating broadcast known as HAE Radio and other integral tools to help both patients and providers manage this complex lifelong condition.

When asked about mentors and inspiration, Jacquie enthusiastically relayed her experience with Dr. Ricardo Lobato de Faria, ER Medical Director at Seven Oaks Hospital in Manitoba and key member of the working group for Angioedema Order Set development for HAE Canada. During Jacquie’s previous time in administration, it was Dr. Ricardo who trained her, and who continues to inspire her to this very day. As Jacquie warmly describes, “when Dr. Ricardo joined the ER, everything changed for the better.” She continues, “I loved working with him. He’s inspiring, caring and compassionate. He truly is a game-changer.”  

Jacquie also recalls a pivotal moment in her role with HAE Canada: after noticing the level of care being received by patients, she remembers asking Dr. Ricardo, “since when do patients need to inform staff about the details of their care?” This critical moment sparked what would become a lifelong drive to improve patient experience, within the ER and beyond.

It was also during this time that Dr. Ricardo introduced to Jacquie the benefits of Order Sets, which began her journey with Think Research and the ED Angioedema Management Order Set. Jacquie, a strong supporter of Order Sets, is looking forward to seeing how many ERs will adopt the Order Set and how it will continue to transform HAE care in the future.

When asked about her motivation for pursuing a career in nursing, Jacquie revealed that it was her father who encouraged her most. Fueled by a very personal connection to HAE and the lack of knowledge and care protocols surrounding it, Jacquie was determined to make a difference. And she’s succeeded in that pursuit, making an impact on the clinicians she’s worked with, individuals and families affected by HAE, and ultimately, us here at Think Research.

Jacquie’s journey is a touching example of how hardship and adversity can be mobilized into something meaningful and life-sustaining. A natural leader and changemaker at heart, Jacquie continues to inspire the team here at Think Research, and we’re honoured to have her as part of our clinical network.

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