We recently contributed to an article entitled: “Doctors want ‘big data’ insights to improve health care. But America’s scattershot medical records make it hard to go big” by STAT news.

The article features CEO of Think Research, Sachin Aggarwal, along with other notable leaders in the healthcare space, as they discuss some of the challenges that may be ahead in regards to machine learning, AI and electronic medical record systems.

As author Kate Sheridan explains, “Machine learning algorithms only work if they have data — lots and lots of data. The conclusions they draw about what might happen to a particular person will generally only work if an algorithm has been trained with a bunch of records of people who have some similar characteristics. And especially in the traditional “doctor’s office,” companies that want to work on AI and machine learning must somehow pull in information from a plethora of EMRs — a burden not often seen in other countries.”

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