A Streamlined Approach to Data and Clinical Content

By Allan Brand, Senior Data Specialist at Think Research

This October, Think Research spent four whirlwind days in Kansas City, Missouri at the Cerner Health Conference 2018 to understand how Cerner, a global electronic health record system provider, along with its development partners, envision the future of healthcare.

As part of our mission to organize the world’s health knowledge so that everyone gets the best care, the Think Research team spent its time at the conference meeting team members from Cerner as well as other thought leaders and developers from around the world. The focus of this year’s conference was “Smarter Care” and it revealed the dedication the healthtech community has to improving quality of care, service effectiveness, and efficiency. From the individual, to administrator, to the entire patient population, we witnessed the healthcare community’s efforts to improve healthcare systems.

A variety of clinical decision support tools, including documentation, smarter data capture and procedural coding, reveal the appetite that healthcare providers currently have for high-quality data. Population health platforms (which are designed to integrate that data with secondary or tertiary data sources), show the future of data management moving past siloed systems and into a more integrated approach.

Both healthcare providers and private companies have continued to seek enhanced implementation and integration of FHIR applications into their EHRs. Creating a vision for streamlined health communication has allowed companies to rapidly move data back and forth between apps and EHRs like Cerner, allowing for a playground of new tools available to (and often championed by) clinicians, staff, and administrators.

Through the conference, we continued to see the value of our own products and why we do the work that we do. Quality content, designed for a site’s Cerner, Epic, or Meditech installation and also for a speedy import into their EHR, ensures the best patient care in a world of tightening budgets and clinician EHR fatigue.

At Think Research, we’ve worked hard to rapidly bring best practice to the bedside through the development of our Order Sets and other clinical decision support tools. Getting that content into the hands of clinicians means building on standardized content into localized, ingestible content for our Cerner partners. The libraries of content can be seamlessly ingested into Cerner in the form of PowerPlans, Care Sets, Care Plans, and other modules, enabling frontline physicians to deliver the highest standard of care.

The Cerner Health Conference was a truly rewarding event and we’re looking forward to realizing our mission, alongside our clinical partners and those in our healthcare network.