About Think Research

Who We Are

Think Research’s mission is to organize the world’s health knowledge so that everyone gets the best care. Since 2006, our knowledge-based tools have empowered clinicians at the point of care and across all sectors including: acute, primary, and long-term care. Our healthcare technology solutions support the clinical decision making process, standardize care, and improve patient outcomes. Our solutions are deployed in over 2,000 facilities across Canada, the US and the EU, with millions of patients impacted annually.

What We Do

Our in-house team of physicians, pharmacists, nurses, and nurse practitioners consolidate the latest evidence-based clinical research, which our developers then make available through connected solutions to support frontline healthcare providers with best-practice actionable insights. Our technology allows clinicians to focus their energy on what matters most — providing high-quality care and improving patient outcomes.

How We Came To Be

The journey began with Dr. Chris O’Connor, a critical care physician in southwestern Ontario, when he tackled what first appeared to be a simple, local challenge: handwritten, unstructured text orders for ICU patients.

Chris recognized the fundamental challenge that clinicians faced: free text ordering was time consuming and error-prone. Evolving ordering processes into digital checklists (what would eventually be known as Clinical Decision Support) would improve efficiency, adoption of best practices, care quality, and patient outcomes. Order Sets were a resounding success and Chris’ vision of a cloud-based collaborative platform for clinicians led to the founding of Think Research (under its former name of Open Source Order Sets) in 2006.

Today, with a growing network of clients, collaborators and partners, this principle of collaboration is supported by our entire suite of applications. Deployed in over 1,000 health care facilities across Canada, the US, and around the world, our tools are transforming healthcare, one clinical support tool at a time.


Our executive team is comprised of visionary leaders and changemakers who bring the vision of Think Research to life.


Looking to make a real difference? Our mission is to organize the world’s health knowledge so that everyone gets the best care – and our team needs you!