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Health care organizations are facing a growing number of complex challenges. Health system reform, quality improvement policies, constrained funding, disconnected systems, and a constantly expanding base of medical knowledge. Adapting to and navigating all this complexity requires new ways of thinking. Health care organizations need practical and cost effective solutions that approach our health care challenges in new and creative ways.

What We Do

We develop knowledge-based tools that empower clinicians to deliver the best evidence-based care to patients, driving better patient outcomes. We’re connecting clinicians, facilities and entire health care systems with the highest quality clinical content and the technologies to put it into practice. Our beautifully-designed health care applications make leading clinical practices more accessible and actionable right at the point of care. Clinicians love that our software tools fit naturally into their workflows, so they can focus their energy on what matters most—providing high quality care and improving the lives of patients.


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Our Story

As a critical care physician at Trillium Health Centre in Mississauga, Ontario, Dr. Chris O’Connor recognized that he and his colleagues were challenged with a time-consuming and error prone task: making orders via handwritten notes. Relying only on memory to create the orders lacked consistency and often led to miscommunications, impacting quality of care and patient safety. So in 2001 Chris began developing the first Patient Order Sets first for the ICU and then expanding to all hospital departments. After demonstrating significant improvements in the ordering of evidence best practices and the reduced utilization of unnecessary lab tests Dr. O’Connor recognized the potential for a cloud based platform to support collaboration between multiple health care organizations. This cloud based platform would enable health care organizations and clinicians to learn from each other and improve the quality and scope of order sets further. This vision lead to him found Think Research (under its former name of Open Source Order Sets) in 2006 with the goal of creating a new way  for clinicians to collectively work together innovatively to implement  evidence-based best practices at the point of care.

The result was organizations were able to effectively develop and deploy Patient Order Sets, or evidence-based checklists, which translated all of the latest medical information into a structured and actionable document that clinicians can put into practice at the point of care. This has led to dramatic improvements in quality and safety while reducing costs. Today this collaboration is supported by TxConnect, Think Research’s online platform which lets our clients collaborate, view each other’s clinical content and share their knowledge across the network. In just under a decade, our network has grown to over 300 health care organizations across Canada, the US and around the world.

Now, we’re gearing up to transform our health care system yet again with EntryPoint, our cloud-based platform that connects health care applications, including Patient Order Sets, with hospitals’ health information systems. Our applications put knowledge-powered tools right in the hands of clinicians via any web-enabled device. We’re partnering with leading health care organizations like Health Outcomes Worldwide, INTERACT and MED-PASS to make even more health care apps accessible to health care organizations. As Think Research has evolved and continues to grow, the vision has remained the same: providing clinicians with knowledge-based tools that they’ll absolutely love.