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Are Your Decisions Powered by Data?

Data plays a critical role in today’s health care settings. It is imperative the health care organizations are able to quantify and measure their efforts towards quality improvement. You need to know where you’re starting from before you can evaluate the effects of a quality improvement project. Without the proper indicators in place, clinicians and administrators are unable to gain real insight into what improves patient care.

We’re Putting Data into the Hands of Providers

We help health care organizations gain valuable insight into clinical practice. All of our software tools collect various data points across a patient’s journey, allowing clinicians and administrators to track and measure the impact of clinical processes.

Our real-time data enables organizations to understand the strengths and weakness of quality improvement initiatives; evaluate impact on patient outcomes; better control costs; identify variations and gaps in treatments and workflows; inform better decision-making; and increase practice transparency and accountability.

Quality Measurement Solutions


Insight into your practice trends with our data collection tools: Spotlight Analytics

Best practice treatment options at the bedside: Patient Order Sets


Achieve accreditation and drive quality in your practice: Quality Based Procedures

How Do You Maintain Best Practices Across an Organization?

In order for clinicians to provide the best care possible, they must have access to the best practices. This means staying informed on local policies and procedures while also incorporating the latest industry research, much of which is only released in medical journals. Clinicians are forced to spend valuable time interpreting and memorizing industry research, which can result in misinformation, inconsistencies, and non-standardized care.

We’re Making it Easy to Access and Act on Leading Best Practices

Think Research offers a suite of knowledge-based tools that bring best practices right to the point of care. Located on our cloud-based platform, we offer a growing library of clinical Order Sets developed by subject matter experts along with our in-house Clinical Research and Development team, made up of physicians, nurses, pharmacists, medical researchers and more. As a team, they work to continuously refine and update our library as new research is released so that clinicians using our Order Sets receive the most up-to-date therapeutic options available. Clinicians are better informed and patients receive the best standard of care, every time.

Best Practice Solutions


Best practice treatment options at the bedside: Patient Order Sets

Complex medication and care strategies made easy: MedRec


Achieve accreditation and drive quality in your practice: Quality Based Procedures

Are you Providing the Highest Quality Care Possible?

A significant contributing factor to patient outcomes is the quality of care patients receive. From admission to discharge, numerous physicians, specialists, nurses and administrative staff interact and engage with a patient over the course of their journey.

There are many opportunities to directly impact the quality of care that is provided and resulting outcomes. Whether it’s decreasing the time to be seen by a physician, adhering to the leading clinical standards of care, or improving the communication among care team members – there are many variables involved in positively influencing patient outcomes.

We Empower Clinicians to Deliver Higher Quality Care

Whether it’s aligning teams of physicians and nurses to a common set of processes or encouraging collaboration around determining treatment options – we believe in bringing clinicians together. When care is uniform and its providers are connected, quality tends to go up. Designed into all of our health care applications are the concepts of collaboration and the adoption of standardized best practices.

With our cloud-based platform, EntryPoint, clinicians can access our leading clinical content and knowledge-based tools from any workstation or mobile device. This means that regardless of time or place, an entire care team can access the same clinical libraries and documents and collaborate on a centralized view of a patient’s story. Our software tools fit naturally into workflows and allow clinicians to spend more time with their patients.

Patient Outcome Solutions


Best practice treatment options at the bedside: Patient Order Sets

Complex medication and care strategies made easy: MedRec

Tell the whole patient story, from admission to discharge: Progress Notes

How Do You Standardize an Entire Organization?

Ensuring that teams of clinicians are following uniform and standardized practices has long been one of the greatest challenges in delivering high quality care. From ordering the right tests to prescribing the proper medications to incorporating up-to-date best practices, there are many variables that stand in the way of standardization.

We Align Clinicians to Standard Practices

Our cloud-based solutions help to eliminate practice variability by aligning teams of clinicians to the same high standard of care. Through the use of our Order Sets, physicians have access to libraries of leading clinical content that provide expert guidance that can be acted on at the bedside.

Clear steps on which tests to order to proper medications to prescribe to questions patients should be asked, everything a clinician needs to know is available in a clinically structured document. These Order Sets can then be tracked using our real-time data analytics tools.  Clinicians can see what’s happening now while also planning for a successful future.

Standardized Workflow Solutions


Best practice treatment options at the bedside: Patient Order Sets

Complex medication and care strategies made easy: MedRec

Tell the whole patient story, from admission to discharge: Progress Notes

A complete solution for every form at your health care facility: eForms

Are you Avoiding Unnecessary Transfers?

Patient transitions pose a significant challenge to improving quality of care in areas with dispersed, isolated populations. Transferring patients can be difficult to coordinate, and communication between patients, providers and health care facilities is critical in ensuring patients receive care in a timely manner. The substantial expenses associated with patient transfers, including travel, are also burdensome to hospitals.

Furthermore, patient transfers, as well as the hospital stays themselves, can often adversely affect a patient’s health, resulting in additional complications. Inherent in transitioning care is the reality that a proportion of patient transfers are potentially avoidable, in that patients could often be cared for just as adequately at nursing facilities, near their homes, without the inconvenience of being transferred to hospital.

We’re Putting Prevention into Action

We’re helping clinicians prevent unnecessary transfers of care with clinical support and guidance tools. With evidence-based supports tools to guide clinicians through the decision to send someone to hospital or not, facilities can improve the patient experience and quality of care.

Additionally, our solutions foster a more effective way to communicate accurate, up-to-date patient information between providers, making transfers, when necessary, more effective and improve the experience of both patients and providers.

Transfer of Care Solutions


Best practice treatment options at the bedside: Patient Order Sets

Identify, assess and communicate changes in a patient’s health: INTERACT

Funding Reform

Are You Ready for Shifts in Funding Reform?

Government-mandated health system reform is transforming the way care is delivered and funded. Health care facilities and regional bodies are increasingly required to adhere to complex and difficult-to-interpret guidelines in the best interest of patient care. Translating hundreds upon hundreds of handbook recommendations into clinical actions is an arduous task and takes up a tremendous amount of time and resources.

It is extremely difficult for individual facilities to accurately interpret the clinical recommendations and adapt them to local practices and resources. Many hospitals and health care facilities are ill-prepared for these pending changes. Adhering to the strict reporting requirements as well keeping up with system reform expansion as time goes on will be a very difficult endeavor. As well, implementing many of these changes across departments and entire organizations requires comprehensive organizational change management and project management expertise.

We’re Translating New Standards and Guidelines into Action

We’re helping clinicians take clear and actionable steps towards implementing health system reforms. Think Research develops highly specialized libraries of clinical content that translate the vast amount of required best practices into executable documents that can be used at the point of care.

Our clinical Order Sets and decision support documents include a variety of features to ensure that clinicians are aligning to new standards, such as integrated patient demographics, embedded coding aids, visual alerts and reminders, and workflow support tools. Staff can monitor and measure clinical performance, view progress towards quality improvement targets, capture coding information for compensation, and generate real-time reports for compliance requirements.

Funding Reform Solutions


Best practice treatment options at the bedside: Patient Order Sets


Achieve accreditation and drive quality in your practice: Quality Based Procedures

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