Our engineering teams design and develop applications that make a real impact in health care. We’re looking for passionate, friendly, and collaborative people who take pride in what they build, and how they build it.

Why Join our Engineering Team?


We love Apple hardware – even the Linux folks were convinced. Everyone gets their own Macbook Pro, but if you’re the type that can’t live without Linux or Windows – we’ll make it work!

Fuel Your Soul

We’ve got unlimited coffee and tea! Is Balzac’s your jam? What about Nespresso? We’ve got it all! Not to mention we’re stacked filled with pop, separate wine/beer fridge, and other tasty treats.

Culture Crazed

We’ll become your 2nd family! We work hard, but always have a good time. We foster a strong team mentality and believe in collaboration. Work on the couch, meditate after lunch or play a board game to get your juices flowing – we’re okay with that!

How We Work

Peer Code Review

Mutual code verification by team members is the best way to prevent errors and learn new tricks of the trade!

Paired Programming

Sometimes, two pairs of eyes are better than one when tackling hard problems. We pair to reduce coding errors sooner, while having the added benefit of sharing knowledge across the team. Goodbye silos!


We use *DD, because we know code developed this way is the least prone to errors, which in turn leads to happy customers, increased patient safety, and even happier developers!

Agile & Scrum

We use tried and trusted methods of managing projects. We know it’s impossible to define the whole project before we start, so we use an iterative and agile process – scrum.

Open Positions