Why Think Research?

It’s an exciting time to join Think Research. We’re growing pretty quickly these days and making a real impact in health care along the way. We’re a passionate group who take pride in our work. Looking to make a real difference? Keep reading.


Teamwork and teamplay

We’re a big family here!
We work hard, but also know how to have a good time every once in a while—or week! We foster a strong team mentality and believe in building a great work environment based on strong collaboration and communication.

In the heart of the city

We are in an unbeatable location right in the heart of downtown Toronto – literally across the street from Union Station and within walking distance of 17 Starbucks locations—and that doesn’t even include our 2 in-house Starbucks machines!

Real world challenges

From every piece of medical knowledge we translate to every line of code we write, we are improving the care patients receive. We’re doing important and meaningful work and you will feel the positive impact we’re making every day.

Friendly & Fun Environment

Full Kitchen with Snacks & Sweets

Unlimited Starbucks Coffee & Tea

Employee Referral Bonus

Employee Social Events

Open Positions