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What is Dynamic Clinical Decision Support?

Care plans, clinical pathways, notifications and alerts are dynamic forms of clinical decision support that help to guide the clinical decision-making process, reduce overtreatment and lower healthcare costs to ensure quality improvement in healthcare.

Continuously Updated Clinical Content

Content incorporates the latest research, evidence and quality measures, helping to automate and guide the clinical decision-making process. Reference clinical content is continuously updated, which eliminates the current burden on clinicians.

Lowered Costs and Increased Revenue

Improving the clinical decision support process reduces unnecessary care, overtreatment, length of stay and readmissions, which are all essential to lowering cost/increasing revenue.

Embedded in Existing Workflows

Clinical decision support tools are system-agnostic and can be easily embedded in an EMR, EHR or CPOE system, including Evident and MEDHOST.

Supports Real-Time Healthcare Analytics

Clinician and hospital-wide scorecards provide insight into care trends, ordering patterns, compliance with quality measures, while also identifying areas to reduce costs.


  • Clinical content continuously updated with releases from The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services, National Quality Forum, Physician Quality Reporting System (PQRS) and medical society guidelines
  • Dynamic tools include care plans, clinical pathways, notifications and alerts
  • Platform contains over 900 reference clinical decision support tools, with an additional 13,000 accessible tools developed by partners across our network
  • Real-time data collection and insight into ordering behaviours and patterns
  • Integrated into existing workflows, EHRs, EMRs and CPOE systems

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