Digital INTERACT™ Tools
A Quality Improvement Toolset for Care Transitions and Reducing Avoidable Hospital Transfers

Built-In Clinical Decision Support

INTERACT (Interventions to Reduce Acute Care Transfers) is an internationally recognized quality improvement program for long-term and post-acute care. INTERACT’s comprehensive suite of tools help you identify, evaluate and communicate changes in resident status—and safely manage these changes, when feasible, without transfer.


Stop and Watch Early Warning Tool

Anyone who is in a position to observe changes—rehabilitation therapists, dietary staff, visiting family members—can use the Stop and Watch Early Warning Tool to identify acute changes in condition and clearly communicate those changes to staff.


SBAR Communication Form

The SBAR (Situation-Background-Assessment-Recommendation) Communication form is an easy-to-use tool that ensures your care staff collect and share concise, focused information. Use it to frame conversations at any stage of your patient’s journey, and effectively communicate recommendations to other clinicians.

Acute Care Transfer Checklist

For those residents who need to be transferred to the hospital, the INTERACT Acute Care Transfer Checklist lets you communicate critical patient information clearly and succinctly, so the Emergency Department and other hospital staff receive the full clinical picture upon admission.


  • Dashboard navigation
  • Workflow triggers
  • Date/time stamping of all activity
  • Resident timelines
  • Task reminders
  • Robust archive

Access INTERACT 4.0 Tools,
Right at the Point of Care

Using the official INTERACT 4.0 Tools, we have created an electronic workflow that simplifies and streamlines the current paper process. The INTERACT 4.0 application includes the Stop and Watch, SBAR and Acute Care Transfer Communication Tools.

Gone are the days of piecing back together assorted parts of a patient’s condition to get the full picture. Clinicians can capture all events, medications and critical information in a single profile that follows the patient throughout their journey from admission to discharge.

Available on the EntryPoint Platform

The INTERACT 4.0 application is available on EntryPoint, our privacy-compliant cloud-based platform that supports our suite of health care applications. With EntryPoint, patient information, documents and software applications are easily accessible from any workstation or mobile device. EntryPoint includes smart search tools, includes real-time clinical data, and fits naturally into clinical workflows.


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