Electronic Documents for Long-Term Care

A Digital Solution for Long-Term Care

For over two decades, MED-PASS has provided documentation solutions to long-term care facilities nationwide. Now, you can access the same forms, resources and reference tools you’ve come to rely on electronically, as a stand-alone solution or as a plug-in to your existing EMR.


Improved Workflow

eMED-PASS combines clinical documentation with intuitive, easy-to-use technology and a smart, dynamic workflow. Features like triggers, structured drop-downs and mandatory fields help prompt and guide you through the care process, so you know you’ve collected all the information you need.


Always Up-to-date

While EMR’s offer user-defined assessments (UDA’s), your team usually has to create them from scratch—which takes up valuable time. And when regulations or best-practice standards change, you have to update or recreate those UDA’s. The eMED-PASS team ensures your documentation keeps pace with changes, so you’re always following current standards and protocols.

Easily Accessible

eMED-PASS is available exclusively on EntryPoint. With EntryPoint, patient information, documents and software applications are easily accessible from any workstation or mobile device.


  • Same look and feel as your current MED-PASS forms
  • Always up-to-date with current regulations and protocols
  • Resident information is auto-filled from your EMR, saving time and reducing error
  • Workflow triggers, drop-down menus and other dynamic features ensure all necessary information is collected
  • Works alone, or with your existing EMR

Project Support

We start with expert clinical content and powerful software tools, then customize the solution to your local geographical and organizational needs. During our hands-on implementation process, our clinical research team, development experts, clinical consultants, quality assurance specialists, document specialists, clinical IT specialists and project managers partner with your clinicians and staff to ensure your goals are achieved.


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