Evidence-Based Checklists for

Long-Term Post-Acute Care

Extend the Benefits of INTERACT with Electronic Order Sets

Enhancing INTERACT’s care paths with evidence-based Order Sets will help reduce avoidable acute care transfers and reduce costs by supporting quality improvement in long-term post-acute care.


Versatile Workflow

Access anywhere, anytime

Save valuable time using our checklist systems

Provide efficient inter-professional communication

Enhance your workflow in just a few clicks


Improves Quality of Care

Translate best practice into actionable Order Sets

Improve decisions with expert guidance

Implement standard practices into your workflow

Gain insight into clinical practice with real-time analytics

Financial Gain

Limit avoidable re-admissions to hospital

Retain reimbursement dollars by treating residents in place

Reduce costly medication errors

Distinguish your facility as a preferred partner

Leading Evidence-Based Clinical Content

Order Sets provide logical, structured, best practice guidance to clinicians. Order Sets are easy to use, comprehensive checklists that contain evidence-based treatment options in a single, user-friendly document. INTERACT Compatible Order Sets were developed by our expert team of medical researchers, physicians and nurses in collaboration with a panel of long-term post acute care (LTPAC) experts.

Project Support

We start with expert clinical content and powerful software tools, then customize the solution to your local geographical and organizational needs. During our hands-on implementation process, our clinical research team, development experts, clinical consultants, quality assurance specialists, document specialists, clinical IT specialists and project managers partner with your clinicians and staff to ensure your goals are achieved. Additionally, our Value Added Offerings, provided by Client Services, extends your offerings and deployment into more advanced areas.


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