Acute Care

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From Bedside to Emergency Room and Beyond.


Hospitals are the hub of the acute care sector. As a result, their mandates can be quite complex, balancing federal regulations and reporting requirements along with various stakeholder interests. These may include the safety protocols established by a VP of Patient Services, a digital health initiative led by a CIO, or even the cost-saving measures designed by a CFO. Our suite of applications, including Order Sets, Progress Notes and Spotlight, address the varied needs of hospital stakeholders. Delivering both tools for bedside care along with management-level insights, our solutions provide the foundation for care standards, quality and cost-effectiveness within a hospital.


Delivering the highest standard of care is a top priority for nursing professionals, and our solutions, such as Order Sets, support a structured scope of practice for certified nursing assistants, registered nurses and nurse practitioners. Our tools reduce error, and decrease administrative burden and inefficiency, so that nurses can focus on what matters most ‒ caring for patients.

Physicians and Specialists

Physicians, gerontologists, radiologists, cardiologists, dermatologists, oncologists and other specialists benefit from the robust network of clinical practitioners that Think Research engages with. Our suite of tools, including eReferrals, VirtualCare, Order Sets and Progress Notes, facilitate communication between both patients and providers, and also help to coordinate care services. This increased care collaboration and reduced administrative overhead allows physicians and specialists to see more patients, in less time.

Allied Health Professionals

Whether serving patient needs inside or outside of a hospital, allied health professionals are integral to a high-functioning health system. Support staff, dietitians, medical assistants, paramedics, pharmacy technicians, physiotherapists, social workers and more, provide care services that complement those of other providers. These professionals can ultimately benefit from the model of efficient, collaborative care that our solutions, such as Order Sets and VirtualCare, can foster.

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