Order Sets™ and Seniors Care Tools noted for “key role in keeping clinicians up-to-date on COVID-19”

Think Research’s suite of COVID-19 clinical tools and content has been profiled on healthcare news site healthing.ca as key resources in efforts to slow the pandemic.

Through interviews with Think’s Dr. Chris O’Connor, president and founder, and Mark Sakamoto, executive vice president, the story describes how Think Research’s products like Order Sets™ and Clinical Support Tools for Seniors Care are kept updated with the latest COVID-19 findings. The tools reflect best-practice standards for hospital physicians and seniors care homes on the pandemic’s front lines.

The report highlights how Think’s clinical support team quickly translates this crucial information, emerging clinical research and guidelines set by government health bodies, into actionable and continuously updated resources. These include screening assessment tools, checklists, and care protocols for those delivering care.

“The company’s in-house team of [clinicians] has been working 24 hours a day to keep up with the ever-changing flow of information surrounding COVID-19,” Healthing.ca notes. 

“The company guarantees a 72 hour revision cycle should changes need to be made. If the information is urgent, the guaranteed delivery time is 24 hours.”

The high-impact benefit of Think Research’s tools and clinical content for one key sector of the broader healthcare system — long-term care and retirement homes, which care for a community among the most at-risk for COVID-19 illness or death — is discussed at length. 

“The most obvious risk is that these are older patients. Another risk is their close quarters, and the fact that the same group of nurses go in and out of their rooms, creating many disease vectors,” the Healthing.ca report explains.

It notes how Think Research’s VirtualCare virtual visit platform can help residents with COVID-19 associated symptoms get timely access to a physician, and without the transmission risk that would accompany transfer to a hospital.

Read the Healthing.ca story or visit Think Research’s COVID-19 Tools hub for more information.