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Think Research’s suite of clinical tools and content can assist you in responding to the COVID-19 pandemic. We’re here to support your work in delivering an appropriate, comprehensive response grounded in emerging clinical best practice.



Keep patients and care-home residents out of hospitals and clinics, and minimize COVID-19 spread.

VirtualCare provides a safe and effective way for physicians to provide virtual visits to patients and seniors care residents that helps contain COVID-19 and protects your staff. Compatible with new Ontario billing codes created in response to the pandemic.


Multimodal communication: Secure text messaging, video, and audio functionality with the ability to upload attachments. Backed by an Ontario Telemedicine Network vendor of record.

Modular Workflows: A flexible platform that supports a wide range of triage, assessment, and workflow functionality.

Ironclad Security: VirtualCare is a fully PHIPA-compliant, enterprise-grade solution that exceeds Ontario’s legislated security requirements.

Clinical Insights: Includes powerful analytics to enable vital reporting and data visualization, helping you monitor the COVID-19 outbreak.

Open & Interoperable: As a cloud-based solution, VirtualCare easily integrates with a variety of existing clinical information systems. Use it on your desktop or mobile, or with Android or Apple devices.

Scalable & Reliable: Our leading telehealth platform is reliable even as hundreds of new clinicians and patients are onboarded. Get your clinic or office live in 24 hours or less.


Order Sets for Acute Care

Standardized clinical decision support tools containing the latest COVID-19 best practices.

Order Sets™ structures clinical pathways, empowering clinicians to make the most appropriate decisions with an efficient, patient-centred solution incorporating the latest evidence-based COVID-19 clinical knowledge continuously updated as pandemic best practices evolve.

COVID-19 Order Sets

Utilize 12 order sets for COVID-19, in addition to over 800 other order sets.

  • Acute Respiratory Infection Admission Order Set (COVID-19)
  • Acute Respiratory Infection Clinical Protocol (COVID-19)
  • COVID-19 Discharge and Transition to Community Order Set
  • Emergency Department Shortness of Breath Order Set (incl. COVID-19)
  • Emergency Department Shortness of Breath Medical Directive (incl. COVID-19)
  • Heart Failure Versus COVID-19 Differential Diagnosis Clinical Protocol
  • Acute Respiratory Infection Hospital Readiness Checklist (COVID-19)
  • Acute Respiratory Infection Isolation Checklist (COVID-19)
  • Acute Respiratory Infection Screening Tool for Patients/Visitors (COVID-19)
  • Critical Care Acute Respiratory Infection Admission Order Set (COVID-19)
  • Emergency Department Acute Respiratory Infection Medical Directive (COVID-19)
  • Emergency Department Acute Respiratory Infection Order Set (COVID-19)
W'ere here to support you with virtual visits for mental health care

Updated for COVID-19: Industry-leading library of over 1,000 order sets and clinical pathways, including COVID-19 content updated to reflect emerging knowledge within 72 hours.

Collaborative Network: Gain perspective on how healthcare organizations across Think Research’s network are addressing the challenge of implementing clinical best practices for COVID-19 into their workflows.

Quick Setup: Get COVID-19 clinical decision support tools to the point of care quickly by deploying on Think Research’s cloud-based platform or integrating with existing EHR/HIS systems and CPOE workflows.

Analytics Insights: Unlock strategic and operational insights from powerful analytics. Track your adherence to COVID-19 care standards and reduce variation across teams, departments, and organizations.

24/7 Support: World-class support team makes it easy to deploy COVID-19 clinical content at scale, helping you to focus on what matters.

long term care

Decision Support Tools for Seniors Care

Minimize COVID-19 risk and protect your residents and staff.

Our Decision Support Tools and content are grounded in evolving best practices. Use clinically appropriate screening tools, checklists, and protocols to help your long-term care or retirement home to provide a unified, comprehensive response to COVID-19.


Standardize Your Response: Mobilize and unify your facility’s response to COVID-19 while reducing high-risk variance with our comprehensive set of tools.

Act On Best Practice: We keep our tools updated with the latest clinical research and best practices emerging on COVID-19, ensuring your response is aligned to the best available knowledge.

Available for Clinicians and Staff: Our library of tools are ready to be used by your frontline and administrative staff, including physicians, nurses, personal support workers, and leadership team members.

Streamline Communication: Make sure everyone is on the same page and stop gaps and when minutes matter.

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Think Research and HealthCare Plus partner to deliver remote care to patients across Canada

Partnership will provide more than 100,000 family medicine patients with access to Think Research’s VirtualCare platform during COVID-19 and beyond.

VirtualCare Available Now for all Long-Term Care Homes Across Ontario

VirtualCare Available Now for all Long-Term Care Homes Across Ontario Program funded by Ontario Health offers a secure platform to ensure seniors have remote access to the healthcare they need when in-person visits are not available (Toronto, ON) August 13, 2020 – Virtual Care has proven to be a safe and effective way of delivering […]

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