Three Heart Failure Insights From Dr. Arvinder Grover

Think Research hosted a webinar October 26 by Dr. Arvinder Grover on the latest approaches to treating heart failure.

You can watch Dr. Grover’s webinar here.

Dr. Grover is a staff cardiologist at KMH Cardiology Centres and director of KMH’s Heart Health prevention program dedicated to reducing the risk of heart disease and stroke through lifestyle modification. Dr. Grover is also affiliated with Credit Valley hospital/Trillium Health Partners and is the past Director of Cardiology, Cleveland Clinic Canada.

His webinar covered a range of topics related to heart failure treatment and research with many key insights, including:

  1. Survival rates for heart failure drop precipitously for those over 65, with median survival reduced by 15 years or more. This finding underlines the importance of identifying these patients early to understand etiology and getting them on guideline-directed medical therapy.
  2. The early introduction of Mineralocorticoid receptor antagonists (MRA) drugs to heart failure treatment can have a major positive effect, including a 30 percent reduction in mortality and 37 percent reduction in hospitalization for heart failure.
  3. Drug therapy is being underused for patients. A large majority, or 86 percent, of reduced ejection fraction (HFrEF) heart failure patients that should be on MRA drugs and are not being prescribed them.

We’ve also partnered with the Canadian Heart Failure Society to ensure clinicians have up-to-date clinical knowledge to better treat heart failure. Learn more and register for the CHFS Heart Failure Order Set.