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Our patient engagement platform allows health care providers, specialists, allied health and community support workers, and others to provide virtual care through text messaging, audio-video conferencing, and secure document sharing.

VirtualCare makes it quick and easy for you to deliver basic care like routine follow-ups and sharing lab results and prescriptions. Instead of requiring an in-clinic visit, these activities can be conducted virtually in the time between regular appointments.

You can also reach patients who are inaccessible due to distance or other restrictions, such as COVID-19 physical distancing, and residents in seniors care homes.

VirtualCare allows clinicians to increase the number of patients they see in a day, providing scheduling flexibility and letting them make the most of their office hours.

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What sets VirtualCare apart?

Patients unable to visit their primary care provider due to scheduling, travel, and other barriers too often delay or choose not to seek care for non-critical issues.

For clinicians, relying exclusively on in-office appointments means valuable time is lost to minor tasks like sharing prescriptions or results that could be done virtually without sacrificing care quality.

VirtualCare supports the delivery of patient-centred healthcare, whether for outpatient treatment or for seniors’ care homes residents who cannot attend a clinic or hospital. Our platform fully integrates with the two most-used EHR systems and has seen a tenfold increase in visit volume during COVID-19. 

Discover a leading telemedicine solution for remote care, backed by an Ontario Telemedicine Network Vendor of Record. VirtualCare has received the Canadian Health Informatics Award for Patient Care Innovation.

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Intuitive technology

Easily accessible VirtualCare is accessed through a web browser or dedicated smartphone app, with integrated text messaging so your communication always gets through. Onboard your patients quickly with batch invitations for digital sign-up.

Secure communication Whether using asynchronous messaging, real-time audio-video conferencing, or sharing clinical documentation, your communication is protected by enterprise-grade privacy and security, and is PHIPA-compliant.

Built for your practice

Share information Share relevant clinical notes or attach documents, educational materials, and links during the virtual visit. Consultation documentation can be automatically transferred into an EHR.

Supports billing codes VirtualCare aligns with Ontario virtual care billing codes created in response to the COVID-19 pandemic, and is one of two OTN-approved platforms with secure chat reimbursement.

Adaptable, connected care

Adapts to your workflow VirtualCare can be configured for various workflows, including scheduled visits and walk-in models, discharge and follow-up visits, and can streamline booking and appointments as patients request appointments in the platform.

Connecting providers VirtualCare can be used to connect healthcare providers, such as seniors-care sector physicians and care teams, with outside clinicians and specialists in a patient resident’s extended circle of care.

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How VirtualCare helps

Healthcare providers

  • Replace non-critical in-office appointments with text messaging, letting you provide care or routine services to multiple patients in minutes
  • Easily see patients who face geographic, scheduling, or other barriers to care
  • Secure technology platform that supports text-based chat, audio-video calls and digital file sharing for clinical documentation


  • Request appointments directly through VirtualCare for simpler scheduling
  • Access your primary care provider at a convenient time without sacrificing your day to travel
  • Receive prescription, lab orders, and other clinical records digitally, increasing ease of access to your health information

Large health systems

  • Create cost efficiencies through quicker visits and increased patient access
  • Reduce avoidable hospital ER visits for conditions primary care providers can address virtually
  • Encourage patients to be more active in their healthcare by virtually solving non-critical issues or by being better prepared for in-office visits


Find more time to provide care

Make more time available to connect with your patients when it’s best for both you and them, and do so safely while maintaining physical distancing during COVID-19.

Improve your workflow efficiency

Provide effective care and streamline your workflow with functionality like appointment pre-screening and embedded clinical assessments and protocols.

Ready with EHR integration

VirtualCare fully integrates with leading seniors care sector EHR systems PointClickCare and MED e-care.

Unlock data-driven insights

Discover new insight and track care at the system level with simplified data and population health management.


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