Company Overview

Supporting Best Practice Care
Our founding story

Think Research’s journey began when our founder and former president Dr. Chris O’Connor identified a fundamental challenge facing clinicians: handwritten, unstructured text orders for ICU patients were time-consuming and error-prone and impacting the speed and quality of care delivered to patients.

Inspired by checklists used in the airline industry, he realized that evolving ordering processes into digital checklists would improve efficiency, adoption of best practices, care quality, and patient outcomes. Order Sets were a resounding success and led to the founding of Think Research in 2006.

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Organizing the world’s health knowledge so everyone gets the best care

Since 2006, Think Research has become a leader in delivering knowledge-based digital health software solutions that empower clinicians, standardize care, and improve health outcomes. We’ve expanded our offering of innovative tools designed to deliver evidence-based research and best practices to clinicians at the bedside, making it easy for healthcare professionals to provide the best care possible.

Today, our solutions are used by more than 300,000 clinicians in over 11,000 facilities around the world, in eight countries including Canada, the United States, United Kingdom, European Union, and the Middle East, with millions of patients impacted every year.

But, we’re so much more than cutting-edge digital health solutions.

Think has grown to include a family of healthcare companies that enable us to drive the lifecycle of clinical knowledge, from the creation of treatment best practices, through the teaching and training of clinicians and directly into application at the point of care.

Teaching and Training

MDBriefcase Logo

MDBriefCase (acquired 2021)

A must for all medical professionals, MDBriefCase provides accredited, online continuing professional development courses in a range of therapeutic areas. Membership is free and enables healthcare professionals to enhance their practice and stay current with the latest treatment best practice protocols.
Oncology Education Logo

Oncology Education (acquired 2021)

A leading educational platform for oncologists, Oncology Education provides timely and unbiased peer-reviewed content to arm physicians with the latest evidence-based cancer care. Membership is free and provides clinicians access to thousands of educational resources, accredited courses and networking opportunities.


Pharmapod Logo

Pharmapod (acquired 2021)

Medication errors are an unfortunate occurrence in healthcare. Pharmapod’s intuitive cloud-based platform enables healthcare providers to easily capture and record medication-related incidents to enhance safety in pharmacies, long-term care, and hospital settings. The powerful platform collects and analyzes critical data from around the world, enabling HCPs to monitor trends and identify causes of medication errors.

Research and Development

Biopharma Logo

BioPharma (acquired 2021)

A world-renowned contract research organization (CRO) that specializes in clinical trials, bioequivalence studies and bioanalysis, BioPharma provides full-service clinical research, from study design inception to clinical trial execution. 

Healthcare Delivery

Clinic 360 Logo

Clinic 360 (acquired 2021)

Our innovative Toronto-based clinic offers cosmetic and gastric sleeve surgeries to help patients look and feel their best. Led by highly skilled surgeons, Clinic 360 boasts an unparalleled safety record with comprehensive aftercare programs to ensure patients are comfortable throughout their journey and equipped to maintain their aesthetic goals post-procedure.