About Think Research

Our mission is supporting best-practice care

We’re organizing the world’s health knowledge so that everyone gets the best care. Our knowledge-based tools empower healthcare providers at the point of care and beyond. We work across all sectors, including acute, primary, and long-term care.

Our healthcare technology solutions support the clinical decision making process, standardize care, and improve patient outcomes. You can find our products and services in over 2,800 facilities across Canada, the US, and EU, with millions of patients impacted every year.

Our founding story

Think Research’s journey began with our founder and former president Dr. Chris O’Connor, a critical care physician in southwestern Ontario. Through his practice treating ICU patients at Trillium Health Sciences, he hit upon what first appeared to be a simple, local challenge: handwritten, unstructured text orders for ICU patients.

Chris recognized the fundamental challenge facing clinicians: free-text ordering was time consuming and error-prone. Inspired by checklists used by pilots in the airline industry, he realized that evolving ordering processes into digital checklists would improve efficiency, adoption of best practices, care quality, and patient outcomes. Order Sets were a resounding success and Chris’ vision of a cloud-based collaborative platform for clinicians led him to found Think Research in 2006.

Today, with a growing network of clients, collaborators, and partners, this collaborative principle continues to drive our product development. We continue to build new solutions to assist you in transforming healthcare, one patient at a time.

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