The Most Efficient Way to Manage Referrals

What are eReferrals?

A quick and easy application that allows physicians to find and refer to specialists directly from most EMR systems, while keeping patients informed. Best practices are incorporated directly into the forms, reducing the likelihood of inappropriate referrals right at the start.


Make Referrals Easy

Seamlessly send referrals directly from EMRs and avoid double entry by auto-populating patient information.

Make the right decisions

Informative reference material is available during the form completion process in order to help physicians make the most appropriate referral the first time.

Improve Communication

Physicians and administrators are able to track the status of each referral and patients are kept informed via automatic notifications or the patient portal.


  • Location Based Specialist Lookup
  • Full EMR Integration
  • Structured forms to prevent errors in forms
  • Appropriateness guidelines built into the referral
  • Patient portal and automated notifications keep patients informed

Who This Helps

Primary Care

Acute Care

Long-Term Care

Health Systems

Improve the Referral Process

This digital  solution allows specialists and their administrators to effectively and efficiently triage and process referrals while keeping the patient updated on their referral status. Unlike fax-based systems, inappropriate or incomplete referrals can be resolved before constrained administrative resources are allocated following up on additional information. Finally, with a more accurate system-level view, primary care physicians, specialists and regional managers can develop evidence-based strategies for helping patients get better care.

Project Support

We start with expert clinical content and powerful software tools, then customize the solution to your local geographical and organizational needs. During our hands-on implementation process, our clinical research team, development experts, clinical consultants, quality assurance specialists, document specialists, clinical IT specialists and project managers partner with your clinicians and staff to ensure your goals are achieved.


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